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PT TBP Conducts Leadership Training to Boost Employee Performance

06 November 2023

Everyone at Harita Nickel is a leader in their respective workplaces. Both for oneself, and for others. Being a leader for ourselves, we are required to always carry out every activity according to the work procedures that apply in the company. While being a leader for others, we must be able to set an example through action. In this case, what we say is what we do.

That was a discussion in leadership training held by PT Trimegah Bangun Persada (TBP) on Thursday, October 26, 2023, in Jikodolong meeting room. A total of 20 participants from various departments learned together about the ins and outs of leadership. From what are the duties and responsibilities of a leader, what tools are needed, various leadership models to decision-making techniques.

This activity is part of the human resource development program at Harita Nickel.

Leadership training harita nickel 1

The training involved active participation with group discussions and case analyses.

The full-day training was very interactive. Guided by two presenters and a facilitator, the training was mostly conducted through discussions and case-solving simulations. In the first session, led by Vernard Hutabarat, participants were assigned to deliver a presentation in front of the class. One of the important points to note was that a good leader communicates messages in a clear and interesting manner, so as to influence others to act.

In the second session, guided by Ngainur Rofiek, participants practiced simulating the application of leadership styles. By understanding several leadership models, participants were expected to find the most appropriate leadership style for themselves. In this case, the most suitable with one's strengths and work environment.

So, what is the purpose of leadership training?

Leadership training harita nickel

Ngainur Rofiek, one of the leadership training presenters, emphasized the need for each employee to apply company values in their workplace.

Ngainur Rofiek said this leadership training was aimed at enabling each employee to carry out their work according to the tasks assigned by the company's management. "All of us here are company employees. Whatever our position is, a good employee is one who carries out duties of the management and is able to be a role model for other employees," he explained.

"To what extent will PT TBP Tbk survive? As far as we as leaders are able to maintain company values," he said.

For information, leadership training is held by PT TBP in stages. In the third batch, the training was attended by supervisor and superintendent employees from several departments. From this activity, it is expected that all employees who have attended the training can become good leaders in their respective departments.[IC]

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