Trimegah Bangun Persada


PT Trimegah Bangun Persada Tbk, (“TBP” or “the Company”) realizes that the implementation of Good Corporate Governance will improve the Company's position in business competition, especially in the management of human resources and company values which will increase the company's value for all shareholders and stakeholders. Upon realizing this, the implementation of the principles of Good Corporate Governance is carried out in line with the Company's vision and mission.  By applying the principles of Good Corporate Governance consistently and continuously in the company’s management implementation, it is hoped that violations of the principles of Good Corporate Governance, ethical values, and the prevailing laws and regulations in the Company can be avoided. Therefore, as one of the Company's media to support and enforce the principles of Good Corporate Governance, the Company then provides and implements a system in the form of “Whistleblowing” in order to create a clean and responsible work environment.

Every individual of TBP Tbk or other parties is requested to report any violation/alleged violation through the established means. The report should be made in good faith, fairly, honestly, and respectfully, through the following channels:


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Whistleblowing System Form 

The relevant parties within the company will confirm the receipt of the report and conduct an initial assessment of the complaint, and hand over it to the official designated by the company. The officer who receives the report is responsible for paying attention and following up on the issues raised.

The company takes a strong stance against any violations and will take appropriate actions, including imposing sanctions. We will ensure that every individual of TBP Tbk who is proven to have committed a violation will be held accountable for their actions in line with our core values.

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