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Development of Human Resources

We believe that professional and capable Human Resources are essential to the advancement of the company. Accordingly, TBP is committed to conducting measurable, objective, and transparent selection processes, to ensure that every individual joining TBP has the skills, mindset, and integrity needed to make a meaningful contribution to our operations.

Moreover, TBP ensures that in contributing to the achievement of the company's goals, every individual has the opportunity to develop themselves and their talents through career development programs. As part of these programs, the company helps employees to obtain work-relevant certifications and qualifications. Additionally, we conduct leadership training for all managers and senior leaders. These training programs are supported by regular performance reviews for all employees.

Our company encourages honest, open, and transparent communication at every level of the organization. This is achieved through anonymous and non-anonymous feedback and complaint-recording mechanisms, which are implemented throughout the organization. These mechanisms ensure that every employee is free to raise complaints or concerns.

In line with our company policies, the company strictly prohibits retaliation against employees who file complaints or inquiries, and will take firm affirmative action against those who violate this policy.

Protection of Human Rights

The company guarantees that every human right is recognized, respected, and protected, not only for its employees, but also for the local community and our contractors. Our company strictly prohibits any form of human rights violations and is committed to taking strict and transparent action against transgressors. Such violations may, include,ing but are not limited to.

  1. The use of underage workers;
  2. All forms of forced labor;
  3. All forms of human trafficking;
  4. All forms of discrimination based on differences in race, religion, ethnic group, gender, and language, as well as discrimination based on disabilities; and.
  5. All forms of violence, sexual abuse/harassment, bullying, or intimidation between workers, work partners, stakeholders, and parties related to the company's operations.

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