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Sustainability and Diversity Committee

Duties and Responsibilities of the Sustainability and Diversity Committee 

The Sustainability and Diversity Committee is responsible for advising, informing, and providing direction to the management regarding sustainability and diversity issues of the Company and its subsidiaries. In carrying out these responsibilities, the Committee has the following duties and responsibilities:

  1. Reviewing, evaluating, and recommending the implementation of policies, and policy changes which are required by the Company from time to time to remain relevant to sustainability standards at the national and international levels;
  2. Providing assistance and support to the management in developing short, medium, and long-term strategies to ensure the principles set out in the sustainability policy are measurable and achievable;
  3. Supervising and providing input on implementation and management of systems needed to monitor the Company's compliance with policies and monitor the management practices and procedures related to enforcement of these policies;
  4. Reviewing, monitoring, and evaluating the Company's activities, programs, initiatives, strategies, and policies related to sustainability to ensure that all of them support the Company's sustainable growth;
  5. Discussing and providing advice to the Board regarding risks and impacts related to the environmental, social, and governance fields, and ensuring that each of these matters is identified, monitored, reported, and has adequate resource allocation to address or determine mitigation strategies as required;
  6. Monitoring and evaluating the Company's performance towards the relevant external sustainability indexes and standards including reviewing the Company's annual Sustainability Report;
  7. Reviewing reports, as required, regarding health, security, safety, environmental and social incidents; as well as other ESG and sustainability issues; investigation or audit summary; and corrective or remedial action taken in response to non-compliance or deficiencies;
  8. Recommending, undertaking, or authorizing review or evaluation activities and reports, special and ad hoc projects or investigations regarding sustainability issues and related matters as may be requested from time to time by the Council;
  9. Continuously keeping abreast of the developments in trends, issues, and current conditions regarding sustainability as well as laws and regulations developing in the environmental, social, and governance fields for the mining and processing industry, evaluating the potential impact on the Company as well; and
  10. Requesting management to develop the latest strategies and measures to ensure that employees receive the necessary training to meet the ESG and sustainability standards by applicable laws and policies set by the Committee.

Committee Members:

  • Roy A. Arfandy - Chairman of the Committee
  • Lim Sian Choo - Co-Chair of the Committee
  • Tonny H. Gultom - Member of the Committee
  • Latif Agung Supriadi - Member of the Committee
  • Younsel E Roos - Member of the Committee

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