Trimegah Bangun Persada

Education Programs

Growing the next generation of excellence can be nurtured from an early age through the education system. We are fully committed to supporting the development of education for the next generation of South Halmahera, especially Kawasi Village through a program to strengthen the implementation of teaching and learning and help raise children's awareness of the important role of environmental sustainability.

School Development Program (SDP)

The role of schools is very substantial as a means of educating the nation's next generation. Improving the quality of education is very essential in order to educate students to become bright and broad-minded generations. SDP is an effort to cultivate schools to improve the quality of education through the provision of auxiliary teachers, increasing teacher capacity, monitoring school teaching and learning activities and strengthening school management in the areas where we operate.

Harita Mengajar

Children are a valuable national asset. Through their contributions in the future, this nation will continue to advance. Harita Mengajar is a knowledge transfer program from Harita Nickel people to students. We share inspiration and passion to be better. The substances presented will be about vocations, environmental management, and increasing interest in reading, writing, and arithmetic.

Obi Gemilang Scholarship 

We also make a sustainable contribution to the education development program by providing full support to potential individuals. We provide scholarships for students up to university level. The brilliant Obi Scholarship targets students from the island of Obi who have academic achievements and accomplishments in particular subjects such as sports, arts, culture and religion. In partnership with the local Education Office and Universities, this real effort is made to improve the quality of human resources and access to formal education for the community.

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