Trimegah Bangun Persada

Water Management

Water Management

We monitor water quality at a variety of critical locations, such as in sediment ponds and at all water outflow points. Water is treated prior to release into the environment, to ensure compliance with water quality standards. In addition to water quality testing in company-owned laboratories on site, routine independent laboratory tests are conducted by accredited third parties.

Water Availability

As per the findings of our annual water availability studies, there is no indication that the lakes and other water bodies used for TBP’s water supply could run dry, which suggests the current rate of water usage is at an acceptable level. To prevent negative impacts water availability studies are conducted every 6 months. Moreover, water withdrawal and consumption data are regularly reported to the Indonesian government.

Alternative Water Sources and Water Reuse

To reduce the company's dependence on fresh water, we use seawater as a substitute in the production process. One example is the usage of seawater as cooling agent for one of our power plants. To further reduce water consumption, we reuse freshwater in several production areas.

To reduce our water consumption further still, we are committed to using alternative water sources, and continuously work to identify new methodologies and opportunities for water reuse.

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