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Harita Nickel Successfully Holds Second Rice Harvest Program Sentani in Buton Village

02 March 2023

Harita Nickel again held a rice harvest in Buton Village, Obi District, South Halmahera Regency, North Maluku as part of the Obi Food Security Center (Sentani) program. The rice harvest was attended by the Director of External Relations of PT Trimegah Bangun Persada (PT TBP), Stevi Thomas, Wednesday (1/3).

The recent rice harvest results showed a significant increase. The yield of the dry grain harvest (GKP) from this rice harvest reached 5.3 tons per hectare with a total of 12 hectares of paddy fields. This result increased significantly compared to the previous harvest prior to the company's guidance, which was only 1 ton of GKP per hectare.

PT TBP Director of External Relations Stevi Thomas stated that this rice harvest was the second of the community development and empowerment program in food security efforts for Obi Island, which was carried out by farmer groups in Buton Village. "The company supports food security on Obi Island by initiating the formation of the Sentani program as part of the Community Development and Empowerment Program," Stevi said.

This program, Stevi continued, aims to improve people's economy and fulfill their food needs. Stevi explained, there are three sectors targeted by the economic development program, including Agriculture, MSMEs, and Fisheries. "The economic development pillar is the company's commitment to supporting economic growth around the company's working area to open access for alternative livelihoods in agriculture, livestock, and fisheries," said Stevi.

This program aims to support household income thereby encouraging the achievement of family economic growth and developing an independent and sustainable local economy.

For the record, in this Sentani Program, farmer groups receive cultivation guidance, support for agricultural facilities and infrastructure, and support for market absorption from Harita Nickel. The company also provides post-harvest handling support and assistance to 1 Bumdes, 2 farmer groups, and 65 members. At the beginning of the Sentani program with a total land area of 3 hectares, the yield reached 14 tons in the first planting season.

"With the company's participation in this program, the yield increased many times compared to the harvest before the Sentani program was running," said Stevi.

Stevi explained that in addition to the Sentani Program in Buton Village, the company also built an integrated agricultural center. Salam Kawasi (Together Learning at Kawasi Nature) in Kawasi Village. The integrated farming system is expected to produce cheap feed, renewable energy sources, and organic fertilizer that can be used for agricultural businesses. Salam Kawasi will serve as a field school for people who want to learn about agriculture, livestock, and fisheries.

While the Chairman of the Ake Morere Farmers Group Buton Village, Obi District, La Alimin (54) said his crops were unremarkable before Harita Nickel came to foster farmers, "Before Harita Nickel came to foster farmers, our yields were only about 1 ton more than every one hectare, but after the Harita company came in, our yields jumped dramatically, "said La Alimin. La Alimin also expected that their income can continue to increase and remain assisted by Harita.

In line with La Alimin, Armiati Lasalimu (28), one of the farmers also thanked Harita Nickel for paying attention to farmers in Buton Village. "Thanks to Harita Nickel, for paying attention and helping farmers in Buton Village," said Armiati.

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