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To celebrate Indonesia's Independence Day, Harita Nickel organized a futsal tournament among journalists in North Maluku

22 August 2023

TERNATE, August 22, 2023 - Sustainable integrated mining and downstream company PT Trimegah Bangun Persada Tbk (NCKL) or Harita Nickel held the Harita Cup 2023 Futsal Tournament among journalists from North Maluku at the Waterboom Field, Ternate City, North Maluku Province. The tournament, which was held for two days from August 20 to 21, 2023, was held to enliven the 78th anniversary of Indonesia's Independence Day. Not sparing any effort, a total of 12 futsal teams composed of journalists from Ternate City, Tidore City, South Halmahera Regency and West Halmahera Regency also enlivened the tournament.

The participating journalists were divided into teams, including Jurnalis Syber, Jurnalis Kota (Pers Kota) Ternate FC, Jurnalis Reportase FC, Jurnalis Halmahera Barat (Pers Halbar), Jurnalis Halmahera Selatan (Pers Halsel), Jurnalis Nuansa Media Grup, Jurnalis FMK FC, Jurnalis Hukum dan Kriminal (Hukrim FC), Jurnalis RRI Ternate, and Jurnalis Tidore Kepulauan. Meanwhile, Harita Nickel as host fielded 2 teams, Harita A and Harita B. These dozen teams were divided into four pools of three teams each, resulting in a semi-competitive tournament system.

In the final match, the competition was intense. The battle between Pers Kota Ternate FC and Harita A was fierce, with the fans outside the field cheering hysterically. The match ended with Pers Kota Ternate FC winning 3-2. As a result, Pers Kota Ternate FC deservedly took home the championship trophy and a bonus of 10 million Indonesian rupiah.

The tournament, which brought together journalists and corporations, also awarded the best player, Irham Hi A Raham of Pers Kota Ternate FC, and the top scorer, Kifli Basarun of Hukrim FC, who scored 10 goals throughout the tournament.

The tournament was attended by Halik Djokrora, secretary of KONI Kota Ternate and Asri Fabanyo, chairman of PWI Malut.

Chairman and manager of Pers Kota Ternate FC, Ramlan Harun, expressed his appreciation to Harita and especially to the organizing committee for organizing the futsal tournament among journalists in North Maluku. Ramlan also expressed his appreciation to his fellow journalists who participated in the friendly match.

"The victory of Pers Kota Ternate FC in the futsal match among journalists in North Maluku is a source of pride for us. This is due to the exceptional teamwork and strong motivation of the head coach, Mubarak 'Montolivo' Bayan. Thank you Harita, thank you the committee, thank you the teammates who participated. May the journalists of North Maluku always remain united," Ramlan exclaimed.

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The trophy and bonus were presented to the captain of Pers Kota Ternate FC by Harita Nickel's Stakeholder and Media Relations Manager, Anie Rahmi.

Anie Rahmi, Stakeholders and Media Relations Manager of Harita Nickel, who closed the tournament, expressed her gratitude to the participants of the tournament, the organizing committee, and all the participants of the Harita Cup 2023 Futsal Tournament.

"This journalists' tournament is a tangible manifestation of the synergy between the media and business that strengthens the bond of friendship. During the two days of camaraderie, we cultivated both our emotions and physical abilities to find the best futsal team. Hopefully, this togetherness and bond of friendship will become even stronger in the future. Congratulations to the winners," said Anie.

Anie also hoped that this Futsal Tournament would awaken and strengthen the spirit of patriotism and love for the homeland, thus continuously encouraging everyone to contribute their best in their respective fields for the progress of the region and the nation.

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