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TBP Wins 2 Awards at Top CSR Awards 2023

08 June 2023

JAKARTA, June 8, 2023 –Trimegah Bangun Persada Tbk (NCKL), also known as Harita Nickel, won 2 awards at the Top CSR Awards 2023 event organized by Top Business Magazine in Jakarta, Wednesday (7/6). These two awards were the Top Leader on CSR Commitment pinned to Stevi Thomas, Director of External Relations of PT TBP, and the 4 Stars Top CSR Awards 2023 for the company's Community Development and Empowerment (PPM) programs.

Stevi Thomas expressed his gratitude for the recognition at the Top CSR Awards 2023, particularly regarding the company's community development and empowerment (PPM) programs. According to Stevi, platforms such as Top CSR serve as benchmarks for evaluating the success of PPM programs and assessing their alignment with government initiatives and sustainable development goals (SDGs).

According to Stevi, when implementing its Community Development and Empowerment strategic programs, PT TBP has always strived to create shared value with various stakeholders. “PT TBP is committed to adopting sustainable development principles in the implementation of Social and Environmental Responsibility,” Stevi stated.

The company, Stevi continued, focuses on community development and empowerment programs to enhance their quality of life with economic, social, and ecological resilience.

Stevi stated that the economic recovery in the midst of the COVID-19 pandemic provided an opportunity for the company to consistently reinforce its commitment to sustainability, particularly by expanding positive social impact for the communities around its operational areas, specifically in South Halmahera and North Maluku at large. “Efforts to enhance public services in all aspects and improve business opportunities for the community are continuously encouraged to contribute to people welfare and support sustainable development goals,” Stevi said.

Top CSR Awards 2023 is an award event organized by Top Business Magazine to promote the effectiveness and quality improvement of CSR programs among companies operating in Indonesia.

This award was organized by Top Business Magazine in collaboration with several prominent institutions in Indonesia, including Indonesian Governance Professionals Association (PaGI), Indonesian CSR Association, Corebest (CSR Consulting and Training Institute), Interdev (CSR Consulting and Training Institute), LKN (Nawacita Study Institute), PAKEM (Microfinance Development Foundation), SDP (PT Sinergi Daya Prima/Corporate Governance Consultant), SGL Management (Management and Business Consultant), Solusi Kinerja Bisnis (SKB), as well as the Indonesian CSR Journalists Association. The Chairman of the Jury is Mas Achmad Daniri, former President Director of Jakarta Stock Exchange and also the Chairman of GRC Association/PaGi.

The Chairman of the Top CSR Awards 2023 organizers, who is also the Chief Editor of Top Business Magazine, M Lutfi Handayani, claimed that Top CSR Awards  is not only a CSR learning activity but also the largest and most prestigious CSR award event in Indonesia.

The companies that receive awards are deemed to have successfully implemented effective and high-quality Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR), Social and Environmental Responsibility (SER), and Community Development programs. They are not only compliant with ISO 26000 standards and environmental aspects, but also pay heed to Creating Shared Value (CSV) and the alignment of CSR to support the sustainable growth of the company's business.

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