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PT TBP Receives Siddhakarya Productivity Award with Superior Qualification from North Maluku Provincial Government

28 December 2022

Harita Nickel through its business unit PT Trimegah Bangun Persada (PT TBP) achieved the Siddhakarya Productivity Award with Superior Qualification from the Government of North Maluku Province via the Department of Labor and Transmigration, North Maluku Province. The award was presented to PT TBP Management representatives by North Maluku Governor KH. Abdul Gani Kasuba was represented by Assistant Three for General Administration, Asrul Gailea in Ternate on Tuesday (27/12).

The Siddhakarya productivity award is given by the governor every even year as an appreciation from the government to companies that have succeeded in increasing productivity for three consecutive years. The award is also given to companies that play a role in increasing productivity and also creating jobs and improving the welfare of the community. The Siddhakarya award at the North Maluku provincial level is classified into two categories: Superior Qualification and Developing Qualification. Only three companies achieved Superior Qualifications, one of which is PT TBP.

Director of External Relations of PT TBP, Stevi Thomas expressed his gratitude for the appreciation from the North Maluku Provincial Government through the Siddhakarya award. Stevi stated that as part of Harita Nickel, PT TBP is always guided by the company's values, i.e. humility (humility), achievement-oriented (best results), respect for every individual (mutual respect), integrity (maintaining integrity), teamwork (cooperation) and accountability (accountability).

PT TBP, Stevi continued, committed to implementing sustainable development and determined on contributing to strengthening the Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) aspects in developing the business. "We focus on implementing related programs to manage and develop the capacity of Harita People to ensure sustainable growth in realizing the vision of optimizing the value of resources to make the best contribution to shareholders, stakeholders, and the country," Stevi said.

Stevi added that PT TBP strives to continuously pay attention to stakeholders' interests, support national development and also to always prosper the surrounding community, and continue to strive at improving the company's ESG rating to comply with international standards and benchmarks.

Head of the North Maluku Manpower and Transmigration Office, Nurlaila Muhammad, said that PT TBP was awarded the Siddhakarya since the company was considered successful in increasing labor productivity over the past year. "PT Trimegah Bangun Persada deserves to receive the Siddhakarya award in the Superior category because it has succeeded in increasing labor productivity over the past year," Nurlaila said after giving the award. Nurlaila added that the purpose of the Siddhakarya Award is to encourage industrial businesses to improve their quality and productivity to reach the standard of excellence in quality (superior business).

Meanwhile, North Maluku Governor KH. Abdul Gani Kasuba, represented by Assistant Three Asrul Gailea, expressed his appreciation to the companies that received the Siddhakarya award. The Governor hopes that the achievement can improve business performance in order to make the business progress and develop so as to become a role model for other companies in North Maluku.

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