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Harita Nickel Collects Four Awards at CSR and GDP Awards 2023

01 February 2023

BINTAN, 1 February 2023 - Harita Nickel through its business unit, PT Trimegah Bangun Persada (PT TBP) won four awards in the Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) and Sustainable Village Development (PDB) Awards 2023. 

The event organized by the Ministry of Villages, Development of Disadvantaged Regions and Transmigration (PDTT) in collaboration with the Indonesia Social Sustainability Forum (ISSF). Harita Nickel was entitled to three Gold Awards for three CSR programs or the Community Development & Empowerment Program (PPM) and one Silver Award for the individual category.

The award was presented by the Minister of Villages & PDTT, Abdul Halim Iskandar and received directly by Latif Supriadi, Deputy Head of Community Affairs Harita Nickel, on February 1, 2023 in Teluk Bakau, Bintan, Riau Islands Province to coincide with the BumDesa anniversary event.

The three Harita Nickel PPM Programs that won the Gold Rating award were the Gemar Papeda program (Independence Movement & Strengthening the Capacity of Village Business Actors), the Kawasi Unikk Program (Community Entrepreneurship Unit) and the Pijar Obi Program (Fulfillment of Basic Infrastructure for Obi Welfare).

Meanwhile, the Silver Award in the Individual Category was won by Sari Windi Ashari for her role in fostering and empowering the women's MSME sector and local suppliers on Obi Island. Windi provides assistance to women's MSME groups and local suppliers through skills training, legality management, business assistance and monitoring and evaluation of community development and empowerment programs.

The Gemar Papeda PPM program is a coaching program to involve local suppliers to become suppliers in the company's business chain, especially suppliers of food needs and employee canteens involving 55 local suppliers on Obi Island. Meanwhile, the Kawasi Unikk PPM Program is a community empowerment program, especially fostering women's MSMEs with various types of group businesses ranging from snack production, minimarkets, cafes and processing food products such as tempeh and tofu. This program is an empowerment for women's MSME groups with 31 members who are able to help improve family welfare.

Furthermore, the PPM Pijar Obi Program is a program to provide access to electricity for 250 household connections in Kawasi Village, 34 underprivileged household connections in Tabuji Hamlet and connections for public facilities. In addition to helping the Government in terms of increasing the national electrification ratio, this program also provides many benefits for local residents, including children being able to study without being hampered by lighting.

Latif Supriadi expressed his gratitude for the highest award given to the three Harita Nickel PPM programs and also one of the Community Development employees. This award, said Latif, will motivate Harita Nickel to continuously contribute to building communities in the company's operational areas, especially in Obi Island, South Halmahera through its PPM program. According to Latif, this is in line with one of Harita Nickel's missions, which is to grow and develop with the community in the operational area.

"Harita Nickel is ready to collaborate with communities around company operations to mobilize village potential to have an economic impact on the community through our PPM program," Latif said.

Meanwhile Stevi Thomas, External Director of PT TBP added that Harita Nickel through its PPM program will have a sustainable contribution to the development of village potential and community empowerment around the company's operational area on Obi Island. Stevi continued that this is in line with government programs that have launched Village-Owned Enterprises (Bumdes) as new legal entities, where one of the directives is for state and private companies operating in villages to include Bumdes in their economic activities to accelerate the village economy.

"Hopefully Harita Nickel's PPM programs will be able to support government programs in building villages in a sustainable manner so that it is expected to foster efforts to empower the economy of rural communities, especially on Obi Island," said Stevi.

Meanwhile, there are two categories of awardees in the CSR & GDP Awards 2023, namely companies / other institutions, both BUMN and private; BUM Desa / BUM Desma, and individuals from both companies and local actors. The assessment by the jury for the Business Entity / Company category is carried out by assessing a number of indicators, including Program Planning, Program Implementation, Program Monitoring and Evaluation and Program Impact.

While the assessment for the local actor category includes responsibility for the program, cooperation between actors and other parties who are able to support and develop the program, encourage the BUM Desa development program to be integrated with the Village Development program which is reflected in the APBDes Allocation and Facilitation of community involvement in the BUM Desa development program.

For information, the CSR & PDB Awards 2023 program is the second time the event has been held and will continue on an annual basis. This year the award recipients are 54 BUMN and BUMS companies with a total of 72 programs and consist of three categories Gold, Silver and Bronze.

Foto 1 press release

 Latif Supriadi, Deputy Head Community Affairs Harita Nickel representing Harita Nickel received three Gold Rating awards from the Minister of Villages & PDTT, Abdul Halim Iskandar for PT Trimegah Bangun Persada's three PPM Programs on Obi Island.

Foto 2 press release

 The third Gold Award Trophy achieved by Harita Nickel through PT Trimegah Bangun Persada.

Foto 3 press release

Harita Nickel's Community Development team takes a group photo after receiving the award.

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