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Celebrating World Environment Day, Harita Nickel Holds Indonesia Coastal Clean Up 2023 at Kawasi Beach

12 June 2023

Halmahera Selatan, 13 Juni 2023 Trimegah Bangun Persada Tbk (NCKL), also known as Harita Nickel, supports coastal clean up program initiated by Ministry of Environment and Forestry (KLHK) to commemorate World Environment Day which is celebrated every June 5. This support was realized through a beach clean-up event in Kawasi village, Obi Island, South Halmahera on Saturday (10/6) last weekend.

The beach clean-up event in Kawasi village involving representatives of PT TBP employees and its business affiliates, as well as Kawasi residents which is also part of PT TBP's Community Development and Empowerment (PPM) program in environmental sector. This is also part of the company's commitment in preserving ecosystem and environment around its operational area, particularly in the coastal village of Kawasi.

In addition to representatives of employees and Kawasi Village community, also participated the Head of South Halmahera Environmental Agency (DLH), Samsu Abubakar and his staff, representatives of Kawasi Village Government, and a joint TNI / Police officers.

Head of Mining Engineering of PT TBP Primus Priyanto, representing the management, stated that this voluntary beach clean-up in Kawasi village entitled "Indonesia Costal Clean Up 2023" was to commemorate the Environment Day 2023 and also to support the KLHK program.

"We invite all parties, both local villagers, company workers and the Kawasi village government, supported by the Environmental Agency, to jointly maintain environmental cleanliness, particularly on the coast by reducing plastic waste," Primus said.

Through this activity, it is also hoped that local residents can be more concerned about environmental conditions around the beach where they live and be more responsible for waste problems.

Meanwhile, Head of the South Halmahera Environmental Agency (DLH) Samsu Abubakar expressed his appreciation to PT TBP for its efforts to protect environment around its mining operational area. According to Samsu, this activity is very good to maintain public health in Kawasi village and employees who work in the company.

Samsu emphasized that maintaining environmental cleanliness should be the responsibility of everyone without exception.

"There needs to be collaboration between village governments, companies and local communities to keep the environment clean. It is also important to hold regular socialization to raise awareness and attention in the community towards their surrounding environment," he said.

Suryo Aji, Community Development Superintendent of PT TBP, as the coordinator of this event explained that this program is part of the company's commitment to protect environment around its operational area.

"[This] activity has become a routine monthly and annual agenda to continue to maintain the sustainability of the ecosystem and environmental sustainability in Kawasi village," he said.

In addition, Suryo Aji added, to support better waste management, his company will also provide assistance on how to process organic waste into compost involving a number of groups of residents living on the coast. The company will also seek to distribute more trash cans to every corner of the village to make it easier for people to throw garbage in its place.

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