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Wellness Beyond Work: Harita Nickel's Free Health Check-ups for National OHS Month

24 January 2024

South Halmahera, 23 January 2024 – Harita Nickel organized a free health check-up in Kawasi Village on Tuesday (23/01) to mark National Occupational Health and Safety Month (Bulan K3 Nasional). The integrated nickel mining and downstream processing company provided services such as  cholesterol, blood sugar, and uric acid checks, along with offering medication based on reported conditions.

During the occasion, 86 residents from Kawasi Village consulted directly with the company's doctors while also receiving education on Clean and Healthy Living Behaviors (PHBS).

Harita Nickel's Resident Doctor, Anthony S. Surbakti, emphasizes the company's commitment to corporate social responsibilities, especially in healthcare. “We believe that a healthy community is the foundation of sustainable development. By organizing free health check-ups, we contribute to improve the well-being of the population near our operational areas,” he stated.

The company regularly organizes this program, and it has been well-received by the local community. Miftahul Jannah, one resident, expressed her appreciation.

“This is the second time I attended the company’s free check-ups, the first one was last month,” she said.

She believes the program is beneficial for residents facing illness symptoms but have limited financial resources to receive medical treatment. She wishes for the program to continue, helping more residents in the future. 

Yemima Rumauro, a resident of Obi, has taken part in the company's free health check-ups multiple times. She appreciates the initiative, believing it positively impacts the local community's quality of life.

"I'd love to see monthly activities like this, ensuring regular body checkups for everyone," she remarked.

Harita Nickel's free health check-up is an essential component of its efforts to commemorate Occupational Safety and Health (K3) month. Additional activities involve Safety Goes to School at SMA Tunas Muda in Kawasi Village, a Fun Walk, and Beach Cleaning along the Kawasi coastline, with the participation of Harita Nickel employees.

These initiatives reflect Harita Nickel's commitment to ensuring efficient operations while actively contributing to the community.

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