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Welcoming Golden Indonesia 2045, Harita Nickel Promotes Quality Education for Children on Obi Island

04 June 2024

Integrated nickel mining and processing technology company, Harita Nickel, is committed to promoting access to quality education for children on Obi Island, South Halmahera, North Maluku. This effort aims to cultivate top-tier human resources in preparation for the Golden Indonesia 2045 vision.

Harita Nickel's Head of External Relations, Latif Supriadi, said since its inception, the company has been committed to sustainable business practices by integrating responsible environmental and social governance. This commitment, he said, is outlined in the Community Development and Empowerment (PPM) program which focuses on five aspects, including education, health, economy, infrastructure and socio-culture.

“Education as one of the five important pillars to build superior local resources, we strive to support access to quality education, especially for children in our operational areas. However, these kids are the future of Indonesia, who will carry on the development in their regions,” he said.

Latif further said that Harita Nickel's support in efforts to improve the quality of education for local communities is implemented by providing educational facilities and infrastructure. Most recently, he said, the company handed over computer laboratory equipment for SMA Tunas Muda and SMP Loji Permai Kawasi Village.

The equipment, which was handed over to mark the 2024 National Education Day, he said, complemented the company's support that had previously built school buildings for Kawasi Village residents, from pre-school to high school levels.

In addition to physical facilities, the company also implements various programs aimed at improving the quality of education. One of them is Harita Mengajar program through sending employees to teach Chinese, counseling on the dangers of drugs, socialization of Occupational Safety and Health (K3) to basic life support and fire prevention.

“To enrich their knowledge and boost their learning motivation, we also invite them to learn directly by visiting the company's integrated farming center. A few days ago, we invited elementary students to watch a movie about education in our movie theater,” Latif explained.

As Obi Island is away from urban access, some schools do not have enough teaching staff. To address this issue, the company supports incentives for auxiliary teachers to teach in a number of schools within its operational area.

“All of this is part of our commitment to support the government's program in producing excellent human resources, so that these local children can contribute to the development of their region,” he said.

The company's efforts to support improvement in the quality of education for local communities have been warmly welcomed.

Principal of Tunas Muda Kawasi High School, Obet Siar, expressed his appreciation for Harita Nickel's attention to school operations. According to him, the company's support is very important so that education quality on Obi Island can compete with other schools.

“Hopefully the company and the community can continue to work together to jointly improve the quality of education for our children,” he said.

For information, Tunas Muda High School and Loji Permai Junior High School have occupied new buildings that were constructed by Harita Nickel in the new settlement of Kawasi Village. With more equipped facilities, the students claimed to be more enthusiastic in learning. One of them expressed by Ikra Jouronga, 11th grade student of SMA Tunas Muda Kawasi Village.

“I'm happy, especially with the computer lab, so we can practice directly. Even though we are far from the city, we are not inferior to other schools out there,” he said. (Source:

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