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Provide free medical care, Harita Nickel is committed to reducing stunting on Obi Island

18 December 2023

Ternate (ANTARA) - The sustainable integrated mining and downstream company, PT Trimegah Bangun Persada Tbk (NCKL) or Harita Nickel, conducted free health check-ups and medical treatment in Wayaloar Village, Obi Island District, South Halmahera Regency, Maluku, as a commitment to reduce stunting.

Community Development Superintendent of Harita Nickel, Panji Setyadi, as contacted on Sunday (17/12), stated that the free health check-ups and medical treatment activities are part of Harita Nickel's Community Development and Empowerment Program (PPM) to support the government's efforts in addressing stunting issues.

"At this event, residents received comprehensive health screenings and treatment. We also invited specialists in obstetrics and pediatrics to support the government's program to reduce stunting rates," said Panji.

In addition to health screenings, the series of activities for National Health Day 2023 also included competitions to promote the healthy living movement. These included a competition to prepare supplementary food for infants, creative gymnastics, and a health walk.

Meanwhile, Dr. Azhar Kurniawan, a pediatric specialist from Labuha Regional General Hospital, explained that stunting is a disruption in the growth and development of children due to chronic nutritional deficiencies. To prevent it, attention must be paid to the nutritional needs of children during pregnancy.

"Stunting doesn't happen in isolation. To prevent it, we need to focus not only on the child but also on the parents. Because a mother with inadequate nutrition will give birth to a stunted child," he explained.

He also explained that stunting can be corrected before a child reaches the age of two. In addition, the focus should be on optimizing nutrition for the child. Therefore, he emphasized the need to carefully consider a child's nutritional needs from pregnancy to age two.

Regarding the still high prevalence of stunting in South Halmahera Regency, he noted that the local government has undertaken various efforts to reduce the incidence of stunting. He therefore expressed his appreciation for Harita Nickel's initiative to support the government in addressing the issue of stunting, particularly on Obi Island.

"The mass health screening and treatment activities are very helpful in identifying which villages are potentially at risk of stunting. We will then collect and follow up the data to determine if treatment can be provided here or if further follow-up at the hospital is needed," he explained.

The free screening and treatment, organized by Harita Nickel in collaboration with the South Halmahera Regency Health Department and local community health centers, was attended by approximately 400 residents from various villages within the company's operating area in South Obi District. According to the records of the medical team on site, the most common health concerns of the residents included gout, cholesterol problems, and high blood pressure.

Meanwhile, a child from Gambaru village who was suspected of suffering from malnutrition, based on observations at the specialist clinic, has received medical attention from the health team. Siti Waudi, the mother, hopes that her child's health will continue to improve.

"My child's condition has improved compared to two months ago; hopefully it will continue to improve," she said, expressing her gratitude to the company for helping with her child's treatment.

Earlier, the company, in collaboration with the Ministry of Health and local community health centers, conducted stunting management training for health cadres in every village in South Obi District. In addition to South Obi, the company will organize similar activities in Obi District next week as part of the Obi Zero Stunting program.

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