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Harita Nickel Fully Funds the Construction of the Obi District Office, South Halmahera

03 June 2022

Harita Nickel supports the improvement of community services on Obi Island by fully financing the construction of the Obi Subdistrict office building in Laiwui, Obi Island, South Halmahera (Halsel), North Maluku. The first milestone ceremony for the construction of the office building covering an area of 543 square meters was carried out by the President Director of PT Trimegah Bangun Persada, Donald J. Hermanus together with the Regent of South Halmahera, Usman Sidik, and the Chairman of the DPRD South Halmahera, Muhlis Jafar, in Laiwui, Obi Island, South Halmahera, Thursday ( 11/8).

The first milestone ceremony was also attended by elements of the South Halmahera Regional Leadership Communication Forum (Forkopimda) and several members of the DPRD South Halmahera. The construction of the office, which is targeted for completion in December 2022, is able to empower residents by absorbing around 50 local workers and is carried out by local contractors with supervision from the South Halmahera Perkim Office.

Donald J. Hermanus stated that the construction of the Obi Subdistrict office which was fully funded by Harita Nickel was a form of Harita Nickel's support for the South Halmahera Regional Government to improve services to the community.

"We hope that with the adequate infrastructure, it will be able to support the performance of the Obi District government in terms of administrative services to the people on Obi Island so that it will be even better," said Donald.

Donald added, that in addition to being a center for administrative services for the community, the Obi District office is also expected to become a center for community development and empowerment (PPM). "Hopefully with the presence of this new office, various innovations will be born to bring the people in Obi District to more prosperous," said Donald.

On that occasion, Donald also expressed his gratitude to the Regent of South Halmahera and his staff who continue to build synergy with Harita Nickel. "We are proud to be able to participate in building South Halmahera Regency, especially Obi Island. Hopefully, our joint efforts can realize Saruma Earth that is full of happiness and prosperity," said Donald.

Donald emphasized that Harita Nickel will always be committed to building good relations with all stakeholders, both in South Halmahera and North Maluku. "Especially in South Halmahera Regency, Harita Nickel will also provide marine ambulance assistance for Obi General Hospital, garbage trucks, normalization of the Jikotamo River, and many other economic development programs," said Donald.

Meanwhile, the Regent of South Halmahera, Usman Sidik, expressed his high appreciation to Harita Nickel for its contribution by fully financing the construction of the Obi District office building. According to Usman, with a very small Regional Original Income (PAD), the assistance for the construction of the Obi Subdistrict office building means a lot to the South Halmahera Regional Government.

“I am very grateful to Harita Nickel who has helped reduce the burden on the South Halmahera Regional Government. And this is of immense help to us. Harita is extraordinary," said Usman.

Usman also invited the residents of Obi Island to take care of what Harita had donated. "Let's take care of what Harita has donated. It's been amazing. Even if this doesn't happen, it's okay, because Harita's obligations to the country have been fulfilled. But because of the good relationship between the South Halmahera Government and Harita, we are grateful that Harita has given great attention to the community," said Usman.

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