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Local Workers Absorption from South Halmahera in Harita Group Reaches More than 4 Thousand

15 July 2023

Head of South Halmahera Transmigration and Labor Agency, Adriani Radjiloen, stated that the absorption of local workers in Harita Group through several subsidiaries operating on Obi Island has reached over 4,000.

“The total overall as of June 30, 2023, is 15,309 workers. Among them, there are over 4,000 local workers from South Halmahera, over 7,000 local workers from North Maluku, and over 2,000 foreign workers (TKA),” she said on Friday (July 14, 2023).

“But the total overall at Sahid Kawasi is over 18,000 people. So, there are not many foreign workers (TKA); local workers are more numerous,” she continued.

According to Adriani, the South Halmahera Regency government will continue to strive for the recruitment of local residents as the workforce. In fact, there is already a draft regional regulation (Ranperda) regarding the empowerment and protection of local workers submitted to the Regional People's Representative Council (DPRD) for discussion.

“Because the Regent (Usman Sidik) wants the local workforce to constitute 70 percent of each intake in mining companies,” she explained.

However, Adriani admitted that the human resources in South Halmahera, especially in the mining industry, are still relatively low.

Therefore, she hopes that the plan to establish a Vocational Training Center (Balai Latihan Kerja or BLK) in South Halmahera from the Ministry of Manpower can be realized.

“The land is already prepared, but we are also collaborating with BLK Ternate. This is for the improvement of their work skills,” she said.

Adriani also admitted that the presence of Harita Group on Obi Island has been very beneficial for the local community and the regional government.

“In terms of revenue, it has helped the regional government because we can collect fees from foreign workers (TKA). Last year, we received 10 billion rupiahs, and this year we are targeted to reach 25 billion rupiahs, and we have already achieved more than 13 billion rupiahs,” she emphasized.

*Source: Tribun Ternate

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