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Harita Nickel's mine downstreaming could serve as a benchmark for other companies

12 October 2023

Jakarta, mine downstream of PT Trimegah Bangun Persada Tbk (NCKL) or Harita Nickel, which considers the welfare of the community and its surrounding environment, can serve as an example for other companies.

The leaders of B-Universe visited the office of Harita Nickel in Central Jakarta on Thursday, (12/10). During the visit, the Executive Chairman of B-Universe, Enggartiasto Lukita, stated that they are ready to establish cooperation with Harita Nickel.

Enggar stated that as a media company, B-Universe is committed to informing the public about mining activities that are beneficial and do not harm the environment.

"Harita serves as an example of profitable business activities that do not cause harm. It is a real corporate responsibility. So I hope that we, B-Universe, as a media group, have an obligation to raise this issue," said Enggartiasto Lukita, on Thursday (10/12/2023).

Furthermore, Enggar stated that this issue needs to be explained in the form of articles and serialized shows. According to him, companies that want to engage in downstreaming should take Harita Nickel as an example.

Enggar explained that Harita Nickel has made several efforts for the welfare of the communities around the mine area.

"The news about mines destroying settlements can be countered by the steps Harita has taken. They are digging, but they are also using the excavation for various other purposes and are immediately engaged in reforestation," Enggar clarified.

The President Director of Harita Nickel, Roy Arman Arfandy, also explained that 86% of the workers at Harita Nickel are local residents. The company has also made several changes to facilitate knowledge transfer so that more local workers can master relatively new technologies.

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