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A Nickel Company in Halmahera Opens Job, Interested?

14 October 2022

JAKARTA, - Harita Nickel through its business unit PT Halmahera Jaya Ferronickel (PT HJF) held a recruitment roadshow to villages around its nickel mine site. The recruitment roadshow took place on 5-11 October 2022, and was held at the Laiwui village of Obi sub-district and the city of Labuha, South Halmahera.

Head of Harita Nickel External Relations, Stevi Thomas said until September 2022, Harita Nickel through PT HJF in partnership with the South Halmahera Transmigration and Manpower Office, has recruited 1,200 employees and plans to recruit additional 600 workers by end of the year.

“Regarding the number of applicants, this year, the company has recruited 1,800 skilled and non-skilled workers. Next year, it is projected that at least 700-1,000 workers will be recruited and we will prioritize local manpower," said Stevi in a press release, Friday (10/14/2022).

Requirements for the employment recruitment presented in the roadshow included graduates of high school, passing a basic knowledge test, a medical examination test, etc. All Harita Nickel recruitment processes are free of charge. "PT HJF is very transparent in recruiting non-skilled local workers in Obi Island, South Halmahera, and North Maluku," Stevi added.

In 2021, the recruitment roadshow was held in the villages of Kawasi and Laiwui, city of Labuha, targeting to recruit 500 workers. However, considering the large number of applicants and the progress of manpower needs, the number recruited last year exceeded the target of 700 workers. In the meantime, to ensure that applicants are originally from Obi Island and the South Halmahera region, PT HJF verified the applicants' ID cards and recommendations from the village administration.

The priority of recruited workers is jobseekers originating from the villages of Kawasi and Laiwui whilst the second priority goes to applicants from Obi Island and the city of Labuha. Stevi stated that until the roadshow ended, there were 1,200 applicants from Obi Island and 800 applicants from the city of Labuha completed the application forms.   

Many jobseekers domiciling outside of South Halmahera also attended the roadshow including those from Ambon and Seram. However, at this time, the priority focused on those domiciling from South Halmahera.

 “Since the beginning of the recruitment roadshow, the company has involved the village and sub-district administrations and the Manpower Office of South Halmahera. The communication sessions are delivered through the village and sub-district administrations in Obi Island," said Stevi. 

The recruitment roadshow held at Laiwui village was attended by 2 staff of the South Halmahera Manpower Office. Roadshow at Labuha would be on October 9 and 10, 2022. 

For information, Harita Nickel is part of the Harita Group operating on the Island of Obi, South Halmahera, North Maluku. Harita Nickel operates a nickel saprolite smelter and nickel limonite refinery in the same operational area. Harita Nickel runs a processing and refining nickel limonite (low grade).

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