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North Maluku Governor Proud of Harita Nickel’s Environmental Management

07 March 2022

TRIBUNTERNATE.COM - The Governor of North Maluku, KH Abdul Gani Kasuba (AGK) visited the operational areas of PT Harita Nickel on Obi Island, South Halmahera, North Maluku some time ago.

The visit of the number one person in North Maluku is to ensure that the environmental management is being carried out by PT Harita Nickel in accordance with the established rules.

In addition to the Governor, the Head of the Department of Energy and Mineral Resources in North Maluku, Hasyim Daeng Barang, and the North Maluku Environmental Investigator, Yusra Hi Noho, were also present.

AGK and his associates arrived in Kawasi, Obi Island around 13.00 Eastern Indonesia Time.

The person in charge of Engineering and Environment at Halmahera Persada Lygend, Rico W. Albert, on this occasion explained the actual operational conditions of PT Harita Nickel.

Overall, according to him, PT Harita Nickel's operations are in accordance with and comply with all applicable permits.

This is indicated by operations such as the absence of fatalities or work accidents that cause death.

“All of these achievements cannot be done without the support of the regional and provincial governments, which continue to monitor and guide the company. This good coordination will continue to be improved. We are grateful for that," he said.

In the future, Rico continued, PT Harita Nickel will become one of the largest nickel management companies in Indonesia, which will make an optimal contribution to the region and the nation, while continuing to protect the environment.

Until now, the company has implemented its social responsibility program well and will continue to strive to be better.

The Governor of North Maluku, Abdul Gani Kasuba explained that the purpose of the visit is to directly check and ensure the environment remains safe and well-maintained after PT Harita Nickel's operation.

These are all forms of local government support for investment.

“I am proud of PT Harita Nickel, who has invested heavily in my homeland. However, as a local man, I ask that the environment is still considered by following the existing rules. PT Harita Nickel's operations must be able to provide benefits to the region and the community," he stated.

On the sidelines of the Governor and his entourage exploring the operational area, HPL President Commissioner Stevi Thomas revealed that the issue of environmental pollution that had been talked over so far was not true.

Separately, the Head of Pollution and Environmental Damage Division of the North Maluku Environmental Service, Yusra Hi Noho added, from 109 Mining Business Permits (IUP) in North Maluku, PT Harita Nickel is the best company in performing its environmental management.

“Even all recommendations are always responded positively. Hopefully, this will continue to be improved," he said.

After touring and observing the first nickel refining plant in Indonesia, the group left the location on the same day.

Source: Tribun Ternate

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