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Environmental Commitment, Harita Nickel Plant Mangroves in Soligi Village

09 November 2023

SOUTH HALMAHERA, November 9, 2023 - PT Trimegah Bangun Persada Tbk (NCKL) or Harita Nickel, a sustainable integrated nickel mining and processing company, has once again taken a significant step in environmental protection by planting 500 mangrove seedlings in the coastal areas around Soligi Village, Obi Island, South Halmahera, North Maluku. The activity took place on Sunday, November 5, 2023, and was part of the celebration of the National Day of Love Flora and Fauna (HCPSN) 2023.

Bowo Budileksono, Deputy Head of HSE (Health, Safety and Environment) Site Operation at Harita Nickel, said that this program was a manifestation of the company's commitment to preserving the coastal environment. The strong roots of mangroves act as wave breakers, providing protection against coastal erosion and supporting a rich coastal ecosystem, including various species of birds, crabs, and other coastal wildlife. "This activity is also part of our support for the National Mangrove Rehabilitation Program, which we have been implementing since 2021," he added.

In implementing this program, Harita Nickel is not only planting seedlings but also conducting regular maintenance and monitoring. The company has been working with the Soligi village government and has empowered the local community to participate in this conservation effort. The event was also attended by the village secretary, the head of the village advisory body (BPD), and the mangrove conservation group led by Harita Nickel and Unkhair University in Ternate.

Rusman Baharudin, Head of Spatial Planning Affairs of Soligi Village, expressed his appreciation for Harita Nickel's consistency in demonstrating concern for the coastal environment of Soligi Village. "I hope that the company's efforts will continue so that the mangrove ecosystem in Soligi Village can be preserved and enjoyed by future generations," said Rusman.

This program was initially launched in Soligi Village in 2021 and expanded to three other locations in 2022, including Awanggoa and Belang-Belang villages in Bacan District and Guruapin Village in Kayoa District. This activity is a continuation of the company's previous efforts, which have already planted more than 47,000 mangrove seedlings. From 2021 to date, the total planting and rehabilitation of mangrove seedlings has reached more than 23 hectares.

In addition to mangrove planting, other environmental protection programs and efforts undertaken by Harita Nickel include

  • Installing water quality and emission monitoring systems to ensure continuous monitoring of all waste and emissions and compliance with applicable quality standards, including the SPARING water quality tool and the Continuous Emission Monitoring System,
  • Periodic monitoring of reforestation of former mining areas by independent parties; and
  • Implementation of environmental protection programs through the creation of artificial coral reefs and the preservation of biodiversity.

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