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Youth Forum 2024, Empowering Young Kartini of Harita Nickel

26 April 2024

Youth Forum, a platform that provides an opportunity for young employees at Harita Nickel to discuss and share experiences, knowledge, and contribute to the Company and the community; was held festively for the second time on Saturday, April 20, 2024, at the HPAL Activity Center Cinema at the Obi Site.

This time, the theme of Women's Empowerment was held in conjunction with the Kartini Day celebration. The spirit of RA Kartini, the hero of Indonesian women's emancipation, continues to live on today. She inspired women in the country to be equal to men. Now, women are no longer confined to home. Like men, Indonesian women have equal opportunities in the field of work, especially in the mining and mineral sector.

Attended by more than 250 young employees of Harita Nickel from various business units, the forum featured a number of speakers who shared their insights and journey towards empowerment. One of them was Rosalyn Wullandhary, Resource Modeling Specialist from Harita Nickel and the first female chairperson of the Indonesian Society of Economic Geology (MGEI) for the period 2024-2027.

Rosalyn emphasized the important role of women in the mining industry who have contributed significantly to the growth of the industry. In her presentation, she discussed the challenges and stereotypes faced by women in the profession, as well as encouraging more women to take on leadership roles in what is still considered a male profession.

Youth forum 2024 speaker

Dr. Yoan Clara encourages the participants to start with small steps to achieve big targets, "Start Small, Finish Big"

The second speaker, dr Yoan Clara, a Putri Indonesia Maluku 2020, general practitioner and stunting prevention activist, delivered a talk on 'Eastern Women Can Also Shine'. Clara shared how she overcame the obstacles she faced as a woman from eastern Indonesia. She emphasized the need to break away from limitations and highlighted the tremendous potential women have in achieving their dreams. Clara also highlights the importance of being an empowered woman and that this can start from small steps, such as accepting and loving yourself, motivating yourself, and continuing the process of developing yourself.

Not only going one-way, the Youth Forum also provided opportunities for participants to ask questions directly to the speakers. The discussion also looked at concrete steps that can be taken to encourage and inspire young women to achieve.

Moreover, the Youth Forum has successfully become a platform where the voices of young men and women can be heard, ideas can be exchanged, and inspiration can be shared. By empowering the younger generation and promoting gender equality, the Company is taking significant steps towards a more inclusive future. The event was also a testament to the tremendous potential of young employees of Harita and their ability to drive positive change in society.

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