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Opening a New Chapter in Site Obi

11 January 2022

People have rushed to the Megah Surya Pertiwi (MSP) field since eight o'clock in the evening. The burst of wind from west of Obi Island did not dampen the spirit of the HARITA people to gather and spend the New Year together. The chairs and stage were set up, and snacks and soft drinks were provided to complete the atmosphere. On the last night of 2021, joyful laughter broke forth.

Bright faces appeared around the event field. The people of HARITA have come to unwind after a long day of work and a year filled with both joy and sorrow. A group prayer was said before the New Year's Eve activities started.  They wish that all of the struggles that they overcame in 2021 will turn into blessings in the future.

After the event's opening, performers were ready to take the stage. The residents of HARITA alternately demonstrated their singing talents. While some played locally inspired music, others sang well-known international songs. "Welcome to the City of Ternate" was the title of one of the folk songs played. The song conveys a longing for one's place of residence and the people who inhabit it.

Obi Site is a long way from the homes and families of the HARITA people who are celebrating New Year's Eve here. The feeling of loneliness was, however, dispelled by the presence of coworkers and intriguing activities. The HARITA People are a brand-new family in a strange country. Intense communication both inside and outside of work hours helps to develop this tight bond. This New Year's Eve celebration is also an occasion that improves the connection.

This New Year's Eve was a special occasion, according to Setyawan, the MSP Deputy for Engineering and the Environment (PTL). The evening is dedicated to the HARITA People, who have spent the last two years battling the Covid-19 pandemic. "Events can now be held once more after strict health precautions and immunizations were put in place. Thank you for the cooperation we've established so far," Setyawan remarked.

He added that 2022 is the year to soar. To encourage hope as they approached the new year, he extended an invitation to the HARITA People. "Our company's production should operate smoothly, we'll all stay healthy, and we'll all accomplish all of our goals by 2022. Let's hope that Covid-19 comes to an end as well, as we adhere to health regulations." declared Setyawan.

The Halmahera Persada Lygend's living quarters (LQ) also exhibit the harmony of the HARITA People (HPAL). In the field where the New Year's Eve event was taking place, local and foreign employees gathered. The festive mood is set off when a group of dancers enters the area. The resonant dance accompaniment song appears to be inviting HARITA Personnel in the LQ area to instantaneously join the new year together.

On that night, the soya-soya and lalayon dances were performed. The soya-soya dance is thought to have existed between 1570 and 1583 when Sultan Baabullah was in charge of the Ternate sultanate. The message of never giving up was conveyed through dancing. The lalayon dance, on the other hand, which is also distinctive to North Maluku, conveys a message of romance and love, as it moves with grace and beauty.

HPAL employees from diverse departments form as dancers. A magnificent harmony is created by each movement and the sounds of the local music. People in HARITA express their joy for the new year by dancing. The trip of the year begins with some fun leisure with coworkers at Site Obi.

In addition to traditional dances, the HPAL New Year's Eve event includes a variety of interesting activities. People grilled food played mini-games, and karaoke, and competed for door prizes. HPAL's New Year's Eve celebration, themed "Beat the Challenges, Live in Harmony," ended with fireworks. The start of a new year is full of hope, as fireworks exploded in the sky.

Colorful fireworks were also seen in the area of Trimegah Bangun Persada (TBP), Gane Permai Sentosa (GPS), and Halmahera Jaya Ferronickel (HJF). Cold nights dissolve in cups of coffee, puffs of smoked roasted corn, and togetherness at the end and beginning of a new year. The presence at Obi Site provides solace to those who are unable to celebrate the new year with their families at home. This moment becomes a new memory, which many interpret as HARITA "story-filled days."

Sukarni from the Community Development (Comdev) Department considers the new year 2022 to be a valuable experience. This was the Cilacap woman's first New Year's Eve with her Site Obi colleagues. The most important aspect of any celebration, she believes, is how everyone interprets the moment. "The New Year's Eve celebration is a great time to reflect on the previous year. I'll be able to see my new year's resolutions more clearly that way," she explained.

The presence of Sukarni's colleagues has made her even more grateful. This New Year's Eve celebration at Site Obi, she claims, is more interesting than any other New Year's Eve she has ever experienced. "I've never had a special New Year's Eve party before, but here I am, as the event committee for New Year's Eve. I get the impression that the more friends I have, the more knowledge I get. Hopefully, this togetherness lasts a lifetime." she said.

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