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Building a Bridge of Communication Between Nations on Obi Island

25 January 2024

The time showed at 19.40 WIT when Yoga Setiawan was preparing to get out of his room in the Living Quarter of one of the business units of Harita Nickel, PT Halmahera Persada Lygend (HPL). Tonight, Yoga has a turn to host an Indonesian language class for foreign employees who work at Harita Nickel. The four-times-a-week routine that this Project Admin Staff has wholeheartedly embraced over the last two years.

“I am inspired by the story of Jose Mourinho, who started his career in Barcelona as a translator for Sir Bobby Robson, the Sporting Lisbon coach in the 90s. Now, he can be a top coach who has collected many prestigious trophies in Europe,” adds Yoga.

“Hello Mister. My name is Jose Mourinho, and the President has hired me as your interpreter. I hope I can do a good job for you, Mister.”

Those words set Bobby Robson and Jose Mourinho together and opened the door to Mourinho's success.

The function of a translator cannot be underestimated. Such is the case with Yoga. Every day, this 25-year-old Pontianak native is responsible for bridging communication between Indonesian and foreign employees to achieve collaboration in creating effective and efficient operational activities.

A good translator must understand the native dialect that foreign employees often use. No doubt, Yoga has to think hard to translate every instruction so that it is understood precisely and clearly by his colleagues. The dynamic work rhythm also challenges Yoga to continue developing his skills, becoming a reliable translator, and supporting the company's performance.

“Here, I am required to develop my skills and knowledge every day. Imagine, I, who initially did not understand technical terms in the world of engineering or metallurgy, had to build bridges of communication between nations so that the company can achieve optimum performance,” explains Yoga.

He adds that the lessons learned during school or language courses are limited to everyday conversation. “When I was assigned to Harita Nickel, I had to quickly get on the same frequency, which aligns with the mindset of colleagues in the Production Department who are very technical and data-oriented. I take great care that my translations are precise and understandable to my coworkers,” he concluded.

Marini, Project Admin Staff from the Production Department, who has a 2-year career at Harita Nickel, conveyed the same. This Kalimantan woman confirmed that conversations in different regional dialects make the task of translators very challenging. "Giving up is not an option for me. The point is, I must always improve my capacity continuously," she said.

Furthermore, building communication bridges is more than just translating words into another language. Hence, Marini honed three skills in her role as a translator: adaptive linguistic skills, understanding of technical terms, and, last but not least, interpersonal skills. “The dynamic work situation in the operational area requires me to manage my soft skills in building relationships with coworkers. This skill is important because even if we have good intentions but mistakenly deliver them, it can be misinterpreted by our coworkers. This skill is also included in one of the company's core values, which is respect for every individual,” she added.

The spirit of respect for each individual is what Marini brings to the responsibilities entrusted to her. Thus, interacting with politeness, tolerance, and empathy towards fellow employees become Marini's guidelines.

For Marini, understanding a language leads to understanding a nation's culture. “Again, interpersonal skills play an important role so that we can appreciate cultural difference so that the communication bridge we build is stronger,” she added.

The spirit of building bridges of communication and collaboration between nations, as well as One Harita, is also realized by Harita Nickel by opening opportunities for employees to learn languages. It is not only for Indonesian employees who are interested in learning foreign languages but also for foreign employees who want to learn Bahasa Indonesia. Employees can join the classes from 20.00 to 21.00 WIT at the Activity Center of PT Halmahera Persada Lygend at the Obi Island site. The same opportunity is also provided for employees at the head office in Jakarta.

This program aims to build a solid collaboration, increasing company productivity. By involving translators as teaching staff, foreign employees will be equipped with a qualified vocabulary for daily conversation and supporting communication in the work area.

“To colleagues who want to sharpen their skills, join the language course with us! Nothing is too difficult, as long as we are committed and willing to learn,” concludes Yoga.










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