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Badrus Soleh, From Hobby to Lifelong Dedication for Reclamation

15 May 2022

A man in a green uniform walks through a dense forest. His gaze was drawn to the densely packed rows of sea ketapan and sengon trees, the branches of which were teeming with various birds. The man's name is Badrus Soleh, and he is in charge of the tree's growth. He also looks after other tree species so that they can thrive in the HARITA Nickel Site Obi reclamation area.

Badrus is the Environmental and Reclamation Supervisor of Trimegah Bangun Persada (TBP). This year marks a decade of Badrus' career at HARITA Nickel. Reclamation is more than just a job responsibility for him. Reclamation is a lifelong passion, love, and commitment to environmental sustainability. This line of work gives Badrus more purpose in life.

Badrus stated that his interest in reclamation stemmed from his love of farming. “I was very fond of plant cultivation activities when I was a teenager. My enthusiasm is channeled through my current job as a supervisor in the reclamation department, thus I work wholeheartedly with optimal results,” said Badrus who was born in Magelang 35 years ago.

Working wholeheartedly makes Badrus enjoy every task at HARITA Nickel. According to Badrus, his current profession has a major role in the sustainable industry. “Reclamation is a form of corporate responsibility towards sustainable natural resource management. Environmental management and reclamation activities must continue to ensure the safety of all life in the mine's vicinity,” said Badrus.

“Reclamation is a form of corporate responsibility towards sustainable natural resource management. Environmental management and reclamation activities must continue to ensure the safety of all life in the mine's vicinity,” Trimegah Bangun Persada's Environmental and Reclamation Supervisor, Badrus Soleh

The Sebelas Maret University alumnus, who majored in Agriculture, also explained that environmental management and reclamation are concerned with what happens in the future, not just today, tomorrow, or the day after. This conservation activity is also governed by the Minister of Energy and Mineral Resources Decree No. 1827 of 2018 on Guidelines for the Implementation of Good Mining Engineering Rules, which all mining companies must follow.

Even though Badrus enjoys his current profession, it does not come without challenges. One of the most difficult challenges he faces, he claims, is the limited layer of the root zone. This drives him to continue innovating, conducting various experiments, and developing effective and efficient reclamation methods that can be used in a variety of field challenges.

Challenges in the field can be overcome and turned into something of high value with good teamwork. "Critical land can be converted into ecologically productive land, and it will provide economic benefits in the future," Badrus said. He continued, "A well-maintained nature always offers great benefits to anyone who participates in its maintenance."

The trees planted by Badrus and his team not only benefit the environment but also provide economic opportunities that can be capitalized on. "Some of the trees we plant have the potential for economic development, such as red jabon, whose wood can be used as furniture and construction materials, eucalyptus, whose leaves can be used to make essential oil products, and citronella, which is an essential oil ingredient while reducing erosion," Badrus explained.

Process Continuity 

Achieving success is the result of a series of processes. Badrus sees his current career phase as a continuation of his efforts to provide the best innovation. "I've always believed that tomorrow must be better than today." "Never tire of learning new things and continue to innovate with a sincere heart," said the Sragen resident.

This process also provided him with valuable experience, as he worked at HARITA Nickel. "This current career opportunity is the greatest honor of my life." By appointing me to a supervisory position in the reclamation field, the company has demonstrated its confidence in and appreciation for my previous performance. "I feel proud and challenged to manage each task and team better," he said.

Badrus' goal is not just to plant a lot of trees; he wants to broaden everyone's understanding that caring for the environment is a shared responsibility. "Of course, this is a fantastic challenge." "Achieving this noble goal requires the support and participation of many different parties," said Badrus, who admired the late figure. Abdurrahman Wahid, KH

Furthermore, Badrus wishes to spread the notion that a good mining company is not solely concerned with profit. "I want all members of society to understand that mining business practices are not solely focused on human welfare. At HARITA Nickel, we are also fully committed to good and sustainable environmental management," he added.

With all his experience and abilities, Badrus is determined to always deliver the best results in every task he undertakes. His enthusiasm for environmental preservation will not wane. "The goal that I always want to achieve is to reforest the entire land so that it can provide great benefits for humans and nature," Badrus hoped.

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