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Holding an e-sports competition: Harita Nickel provides recreational space for employees

11 October 2023

The development of digital technology has brought significant changes to human civilization. Various innovations continue to emerge, including electronic sports, also known as e-sports. At present, e-sports is not only for entertainment, but has also become a prestigious competitive arena. It has even developed into a professional sports branch, competing internationally at various levels.

The phenomenon of e-sports fever has also taken place at the Obi Site, Harita Nickel. One of the most popular games among Harita employees is Mobile Legends. This online game is played via cell phones by 10 players divided into 2 teams. The two teams, each consisting of 5 members, compete in strategy and agility. Good coordination, effective communication, and precise decision-making are necessary to win. These are also essential in our work, where good teamwork is the key to success.

As a manifestation of the company's concern for employees' leisure activities, the company held a Mobile Legend competition during the Independence Day celebration in July-August 2023. This activity received an enthusiastic response from employees. E-sports enthusiasts flocked to enliven the competition held at each business unit.

It didn't stop there. The competition continued between business units, packaged as the Harita Nickel 2023 Olympics. The champions from each business unit, including the e-sports event, then competed in the Olympics to become the best team across the entire Obi site.

In addition to being a recreational event, this Olympics also serves as a means of strengthening relationships among employees and fostering camaraderie among fellow enthusiasts. Here, the people of Harita mingle without barriers between departments, business units, and even positions. They all become a unified part of Harita Nickel, an integrated mining and downstream group of companies operating on Obi Island.

As a company that prioritizes innovation and employee well-being, Harita Nickel has set a true example that recreational activities such as the Mobile Legends e-sports competition can have a positive impact on the sustainability of the company's operations.

Employees, who are a vital asset to the company, are not only expected to work for the bottom line but are also given space to express themselves and socialize in their work environment. When employees feel comfortable and have a sense of family in the workplace, productivity inevitably increases.

Harita Nickel provides various facilities for the comfort of its employees. These include Internet access, sports facilities, and entertainment, all of which are provided free of charge to employees. For example, with Internet access, Harita employees who enjoy e-sports can spend their free time playing Mobile Legends. The same goes for physical sports enthusiasts, who can indulge in their hobbies while exercising.

Harita Nickel's initiative to provide recreational space for employees proves that success is not only measured in numbers but also in the spirit and camaraderie that continues to grow. Innovation is found not only in the products and technologies produced but also in the daily lives of employees.

Ultimately, it can be said that behind Harita Nickel's success story as a pioneer in implementing HPAL technology in the homeland, there are efforts made by the company. Namely, treating employees as key assets by making them part of the company's strategic plans.

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