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Enjoying the Freshness of Bibinoi Water Falls

17 March 2022

A green and sturdy gate stands in the middle of the plantation forest in the east of Bacan Island. It reads, "Welcome to the Nature Tourism Area, Bibinoi Waterfall KPHP South Halmahera." The welcoming gate notes that this comfortable and shady area is a Production Forest Management Unit (KPHP) under the Ministry of Environment and Forestry.

The sound of running water rumbled about 50 meters inward, past an unattended empty building. The sound of a waterfall in the distance adds to the cool atmosphere. A river with a waterfall welcomes all who walk down the path.

"That's not the waterfall, bro, we still have to walk downhill," said Ari, a HARITA employee who led the relaxing weekend trip at the end of February (26/2). 

The river with clear and cold water was passed and returned along the path that went uphill, then downhill until it arrived at a larger river. Mountain rocks of varying sizes and shapes adorn the river's clear green water. The sound of water falling from a height of 20 meters greeted him cheerfully.

Every visitor enjoys the waterfall and bathing beneath it. At first, the body was enveloped in a cold sensation. However, after entering and soaking, it feels more delightful and comfortable. The sensation of falling water and the sensation of it piercing your skin as if it were being massaged becomes the main attraction.

Aside from the river being clean and free of garbage, the excitement of visiting the Bibinoi waterfall is that it is also very quiet for visitors. This location is rarely visited so that visitors can enjoy the Creator's gift in peace on Bacan Island. Another advantage is that it is not difficult to get to.

The Bibinoi waterfall was visited for the first time by two middle-aged local tourists and an accompanying youth. They are descended from Bacan Islanders who live in Amasing, Labuha, and South Halmahera. 

"I was born and raised in Bacan for more than 50 years, but this is my first visit." "I'm curious to hear what people have to say," said Kasman, who arrived at precisely noon local time.

The Bibinoi Waterfall can be found in Bibinoi Village, Bacan District, Middle East, Halsel. Because the road is not always smooth, you must use a private vehicle such as a motorcycle or sports utility vehicle to reach this waterfall. Travel time from Labuha, South Sulawesi's capital can take more than an hour. 

Visitors must take a route to Babang Harbor from Labuha, then turn right or southeast when they arrive. If you arrive at Bibinoi Village without using your phone's map app, you should ask the locals for directions, as there are no signs or directions to this tourist attraction.

It is best to invite friends or relatives who have previously attended. Without a guide, you risk getting lost or going the wrong way in remote locations. The lush and tall rows of copra or coconut plants will keep the eyes entertained on the way to the Bibinoi forest area. 

The road became less friendly as we approached the Bibinoi forest area. To get to the waterfall, the crushed asphalt must be passed through. Not only that but three small rivers must be crossed without a bridge, although they are not deep and the water is quite clear.

As a result, visitors should avoid visiting during the rainy season and instead visit in the morning when the weather is sunny. There is no food or drink vendors at the waterfall, so bring your own. Visitors who are fortunate enough can ask locals to pick coconuts for them to eat on the spot. After bathing in the waterfall, the freshness of coconut water will round out the experience.


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