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Discover the Beach Tourism of Ternate

05 June 2022

God gave us Ternate Island as a gift, and it is a place of endless beauty. This little sanctuary in North Maluku Province is usually a favorite among travelers because of the fascinating scenery that surrounds it. Additionally, the main magnet for drawing attention is the coastal region. It makes sense that the local administration uses the phrase "Bahari Berkesan" as evidence of Ternate Island's stunning beaches and sea.

A well-known beach in the north is frequently visited to enjoy its varied beauty. A beach that is close to the city center, accessible, and nearby is also available. The beach in Ternate City is the preferred getaway location for HARITA staff. Visitors will create enduring memories that will be hard to forget there. Here are some options for beaches:


Sulamadaha Beach is 12 kilometers, or 40 minutes by motorized vehicle, from Ternate City's center. The accessible paths are also rather simple to navigate. Until they reach the entrance of Sulamadaha Beach, they remain on Jalan Batu Angus, which is on the edge of Ternate Island. Visitors will be amazed by the sight of the serene beach and Hiri Island just across from it when they arrive.

Who would have thought, it turns out that Sulamadaha Beach has a surprise if visitors are willing to dig deeper. A little cove with a magnificent view is called Hol Sumadha. The ocean is so clear that visitors may see the coral reefs there without goggles. All varieties of fish were overrunning the reefs. Hol Sulamadaha is a beautiful place for boating, swimming, and snorkeling.


From Sulamadaha Beach, visitors can experience the equally stunning view by driving for ten minutes. Jikomalamo Beach is a tourist favorite since it is more easily accessible by any means of transportation. The holiday accommodations are also rather extensive. Due to the enormous number of people who enjoy diving and riding jet skis there, Jikomalamo Beach is an excellent spot to go. Visitors can also rent a variety of necessary tools.

On this beach, swimming is allowed. Jikomalamo Beach's white sand is a characteristic that enhances its natural beauty. Jikomalamo Beach is the ideal location if you want to eat delicious food in the fresh air. As it also offers a range of amenities, this beach is a great choice for groups of friends, family, or employees.


This beach is located near the center of Ternate City. The Ternate Landmark, a popular location for tourists to take pictures, is just 200 meters away. This beach offers pure, fresh ocean water with a breathtaking view. Tourists can see Tidore Island from there, especially the magnificent Mount Kie Matubu. Many people visit this beach to swim or simply take in the scenery and the cool breeze.

Falazawa Beach is easily reachable from several locations with various transportation options. Additionally, a range of cuisines is available close to the beach. There is no need for visitors to bring food, as everything is provided nearby. For travelers with limited free time who still want to take in the natural beauty of Ternate City beaches, Falajawa Beach is a great option.

Sulamadaha, Jikomalamo, and Falajawa are three of the thousands and priceless Ternate Islands. To preserve the preservation of natural beauty, keep the surroundings clean while you visit. Enjoy your leisure time in Ternate City!



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