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Environmental Education, Harita Nickel Encourage Students in Kawasi to Manage Waste

05 June 2024

Environmental education should be incorporated from a young age. For Harita Nickel, an integrated nickel mining and processing technology company, this initiative is a key element of its sustainability policy. The goal is to develop an environmental program that positively influences the surrounding community.

On Thursday, June 1, 2024, Harita Nickel invites 176 students from Loji Permai Junior High School and Tunas Muda High School in Kawasi Village to participate in the "Let’s 3Rs!" program in commemoration of World Environment Day as part of the Harita Mengajar (Harita Teaching) initiative. This program encourage the participants to apply the principles of Reduce, Reuse, and Recycle (3R).

The students learned about the importance of sorting different types of waste and its impact on the environment. They were also invited to participate in direct waste management by using painted jerry cans to plant trees. 

Harita nickel hari lingkungan hidup 2024

"The jerry cans we use are sourced from our industry. Along with teaching the reuse of materials, we encourage students to decorate their school environment with plants that produce oxygen," explained Topan Prasetyo, Site Deputy General Manager of PT Dharma Cipta Mulia, one of Harita Nickel's business units that manages the Obi Industrial Estate.

Topan reiterated the company's commitment to supporting environmentally friendly education, hoping that this creative and enjoyable activity would raise awareness among students about the significance of environmental protection.

Meanwhile, the Principal of Tunas Muda Kawasi High School, Obet Siar, welcomed this Harita Mengajar activity. He agreed that protecting the environment must be done together, and therefore the school is ready to support the company's initiatives for the benefit of the community.

“I agree that it is not only the company but all stakeholders in Kawasi Village who are in charge of protecting the environment so that our environmental conditions remain sustainable,” he said, emphasizing that industrial presence has brought economic improvement, but on the other hand also maintains environmental sustainability.

One of the students, M Thalib Hazan, said he was happy to participate in the Harita Mengajar activities held at his school. The 10th grade student of Tunas Muda Kawasi High School said that the environmental education delivered through practices and games could be easily absorbed by the students.

“The event was fun, filled with games and prizes. We also learned a lot about how to protect the environment by keeping it clean and reducing plastic waste,” he said enthusiastically.

In addition to schools, various World Environment Day events are also held within the company by involving employees to take concrete actions such as planting trees, reducing plastic waste, and at the peak, a talk show will be held inviting academics from universities.

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