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Regent of South Halmahera Appreciates Harita Nickel: I'm Not Flattering, But It's a Fact

06 March 2023

Harita Nickel's real contribution in supporting the Government of South Halmahera's development program, especially in the Obi sub-district, has gained trust and support from the concerned stakeholders.

It was raining that morning in Laiwui village, the capital of Obi District, South Halmahera Regency. However, hundreds of residents still seemed enthusiastic about participating in the handover ceremony as well as the inauguration of the Obi Sub-district office and sea ambulance donation, on Sunday (5/3/2023).

South Halmahera Regent H Usman Sidik expressed his gratitude to Harita Nickel for assisting in constructing the Obi Sub-district office and providing a sea ambulance for the local community.

"Obi Sub-district Office is arguably the most luxurious sub-district office in South Halmahera, even in North Maluku. For that, on behalf of the South Halmahera Regency Government and the community, I would like to express my deepest gratitude to Harita. This is very extraordinary, all community concerns are always supported by Harita Nickel," Usman said, applauded by the audience.

After being inaugurated, Regent Usman said he would often come to Obi District. The Regent will even make the Obi Sub-district office his second office during his visit to the oldest sub-district on Obi Island. Yes, on the 2nd floor of the new Obi District office building, there is a special room to be used as the workspace of the South Halmahera Regent.

"Harita is amazing, today we are able to see the sub-district office. Harita even had the idea to add a sea ambulance. This is because so far, people who want to give birth, arrive in the middle of the sea, and die when they get to Labuha," he continued.

The Regent further revealed that Harita Nickel's contribution to development in the region was not only given once. He said the company has also been assisting the community's basic needs in Obi Subdistrict which can now benefit from 24-hour electricity.

The company, through its Community Development and Empowerment (PPM) program, has assisted various community enterprises. In agriculture, for example, the company assists farmer groups with seeds, and fertilizers, including maintenance patterns. This is expected to increase rice crop yields. He said these efforts have helped the local government anticipate global economic conditions.

Harita Nickel's commitment to supporting the local government's development program has been demonstrated by real contributions and its impact has been widely perceived by the community. According to the Regent, this has made people's attitudes more enthusiastic in welcoming the company's activities.

"Once again, everything Harita has done is amazing. I am not flattering, but this is the reality. For example, this sub-district office and sea ambulance are the evidence. I don't have to deal with anything, if the company is wrong I will remind them, but so far Harita has been outstanding," he said.

Meanwhile, Director of External Relations of PT Trimegah Bangun Persada (PT TBP), Stevi Thomas stated that the construction of the Obi Sub-district office by Harita Nickel is one manifestation of the company's support for the South Halmahera Regency Government in order to improve services to local communities.

" We hope that with the operation of this Obi Sub-District Office, it can support the government in terms of providing administrative services to the local people," said Stevi.

Stevi also emphasized that sea ambulance assistance was delivered to help improve and speed up health services for Obi residents. This means of transportation is a complement to Harita Nickel's contribution to supporting health services on Obi Island.

"These assistances can be considered as our support for the Government of South Halmahera Regency in an effort to improve services to the community," said Stevi.


Previously in November 2022, Harita Nickel also handed over the assistance of 1 unit of a Fire Extinguisher (Damkar) fleet and 1 unit of a Garbage Collection truck fleet worth Rp 2 billion to the Government of South Halmahera Regency.

Stevi added, 1 week earlier (1/3) Harita Nickel Community Development Team with fostered farmers in Buton Village also conducted a rice harvest. Through the Obi Food Security Center (SENTANI) program, farmers have harvested twice with yields increasing 5 times compared to before.

"This is something we need to be very grateful for amidst the threat of the world food crisis," said Stevi.

Support for the community certainly does not stop there. In addition to facilities and infrastructure, assistance and support in terms of health, education, and other programs in the economic, infrastructure, and sociocultural fields, Harita Nickel continues to do.

The company's support for society certainly does not end here. In addition to facilities and infrastructure, Harita Nickel continues to provide assistance and support in terms of health, education, and other programs in the economic, infrastructure, and socio-cultural sectors.

Stevi emphasized that the success of various kinds of Community Empowerment & Development (PPM) programs is certainly not just because of Harita Nickel, but thanks to the support of various parties, especially good cooperation with the community and assistance from the South Halmahera Regency Government.

"All of this of course can be realized thanks to the synergy with the local government for one purpose, which is the community's welfare. Thank you once again for this," said Stevi.

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