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Building Bridges, Building Faith: A Symbol of Progress and Unity in Soligi Village

04 March 2024

Harita Nickel's efforts to construct a bridge and worship facilities in Soligi village on Obi Island have been highly appreciated. The Regent of South Halmahera, Hasan Ali Bassam Kasuba, praises the company for its support of the local government's development program.

“This is solid evidence that collaboration between the community and private sector drives development and yields tangible results. On behalf of Soligi Village's local government and residents, we express our gratitude,” he said during the inauguration of the bridge and worship facilities in Soligi Village on Saturday, March 2, 2023.

The Regent hopes that the construction of the Soligi Water Bridge will improve the connectivity and accessibility for local residents, thereby supporting local economic growth and the quality of life for the community.

Similarly, the construction of worship facilities, such as a mosque and musalla, is expected to strengthen the resident's faith. He emphasizes that this is in line with the vision and mission of the local government, where development activities are based on faith.

Furthermore, the Regent urges maintaining and improving the excellent collaboration between the company and the community.

Peresmian infrastruktur di desa soligi 2

Soligi Village leader, Madaisi La Siriali, thanked both the local government and the company for their support. He believes the company's help in constructing a bridge and renovating worship facilities greatly benefits the communities.

“Thank God and to the company for helping us to build and renovate our worship facilities. It motivates us to continue worshiping, strengthen our faith, and foster Islamic brotherhood. Also thanks to the company for the construction of the Soligi Water Bridge, it’s a blessing for us, the people of Soligi Village, to have a bridge this year,” he said.

Soligi Village lies within Harita Nickel's operating area on Obi Island. The construction of a 10-meter bridge, starting in October 2023 and finishing in January 2024, now enhances local connectivity.

Harita Nickel allocated Rp 1.25 billion for bridge construction and Rp 950 million for the Musalla's renovation in Soligi Village. The Musalla is now equipped with amenities like fans, cabinets, Al-Quran, wall clocks, prayer mats, ladies' prayer gowns, sarongs, curtains, fuel generators, and sound systems.

In addition, Harita Nickel also renovated the Al-Baqi Mosque by painting, renovating the pulpit, roof deck repair and application of waterproofing layers and electrical network fireplace with a total cost of Rp 300 million.

Peresmian infrastruktur di desa soligi 3

Meanwhile, Latif Supriyadi, Head of External Relations Harita Nickel, expressed his appreciation for the close collaboration between the company and the community of Soligi Village. “This progress wouldn't be possible without strong collaboration. We're dedicated to actively supporting the sustainable development and well-being of our communities,” Latif concluded.

He explained that the company prioritizes responsible and sustainable business practices. The activities in Soligi Village are under the Community Development and Empowerment Program (CDE), addressing health, education, economic growth, infrastructure, and socio-cultural aspects. The ceremony started with a ribbon-cutting at the Soligi Water Bridge and Al-Aqhirra Prayer Hall. Then, officials inspected the supporting facilities and checked the Al-Baqi Mosque renovation. Finally, local students from elementary, middle, and high schools performed cultural acts to conclude the event.

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