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Hattrick! 3 Months in a Row Harita Nickel Receives ESG Award

13 October 2023

For the past three consecutive months, Harita Nickel has received awards for its consistent application of environmental, social and governance (ESG) principles throughout its operations on Obi Island. The most recent award was presented by the Advocacy Consortium for Mining (KATAM) together with the North Maluku Association of Indonesian Mining Experts (PERHAPI) on the occasion of the 78th Mining and Energy Anniversary held in Ternate on Tuesday, October 10.

In the previous two months, similar awards were presented by two leading national media companies. Harita Nickel was honored with the Detikcom Awards 2023 in September 2023 for being an outstanding integrated nickel company in the field of CSR. In August, our company was also recognized as the recipient of the TrenAsia ESG Award 2023 for the smelter category titled "Action".

What did they say about Harita Nickel that made it deserving of the ESG Award?

"There are several concepts that we have observed working very well in the community, including the Community Entrepreneurship Unit program (Kawasi Unik), the Self-Reliance and Strengthening of Village Entrepreneurs (Gemar Papeda) movement, and the Pijar Obi program. Therefore, the community development and empowerment programs implemented by Harita Nickel are very measurable and directional, which is the main reason for us to award Harita Nickel," said Muhlis Ibrahim, coordinator of KATAM North Maluku.

Similarly, Detikcom also recognizes Harita Nickel for not only being committed to ESG principles, but also for consistently implementing them through its Integrated Community Development and Empowerment Program (PPM), which consists of five pillars, namely health, education, economy, infrastructure, and socio-culture.

Detikcom also noted that Harita Nickel has made a significant contribution to economic growth in North Maluku. Citing data from the Central Statistics Agency (BPS), the economic growth in North Maluku reached 22.94% in 2022, higher than the national average of 5.31%. The success of Harita Nickel is expected to inspire other companies to promote the acceleration and equal distribution of the national economy.

The awards given to our company were not given arbitrarily, but were based on judgments involving experts from various fields. For your information, the TrenAsia ESG Awards 2023 involved a panel of judges from the Indonesian Employers Association (Apindo), the Chamber of Commerce and Industry (Kadin), the National Governance Policy Committee (KNKG), the Institute for Sustainability & Agility, and the editorial board of

These various awards once again reaffirm the recognition from various parties for Harita Nickel's commitment and consistency in implementing sustainable mining governance and nickel downstreaming. The company's efforts have been recognized as having a positive impact on the surrounding community and environment.

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