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Harita Nickel Received Indonesia Top Digital PR Award 2024

27 February 2024

The integrated nickel processing technology company, Harita Nickel accepted the Indonesia Top Digital PR Award 2024 from and TRAS N CO on Monday, 26 February 2024, in Jakarta. This award recognized Harita Nickel's efforts in utilizing digital PR to create a positive perception and image of the company. 

"The Indonesia Top Digital PR Award is dedicated specifically to companies and brands that are adept in utilizing digital PR to communicate and engage with the public, creating positive perceptions of products and companies," said Infobrand CEO Susilowati Ningsih through her written statement.

The assessment was conducted from October to December 2023 on more than 900 listed companies and 500 non-listed companies from various industries in Indonesia. The three evaluation parameters were digital media aspect, digital sentiment aspect, and digital awareness aspect.

From these three aspects, Harita Nickel successfully achieved a score of 81.39%.

Susilowati explained that digital public relations play a significant role in the modern, digital era. Digital public relations utilize various digital platforms such as social media, websites and digital media to reach a wider public more effectively and efficiently.

Harita Nickel’s Digital and Social Media Manager, Yoan Jeaniti, expressed her gratitude for this recognition. According to her, this award served as a motivation for Harita Nickel to maximize the use of digital media to communicate with the audience.

"Thank you for this award. It serves as a motivation for Harita Nickel to continually evolve in using digital technology, such as websites and social media, for communication," said Yoan in a written statement on Monday, February 26th, 2024. 

Furthermore, Yoan emphasized that Harita Nickel was committed to continuing to improve its performance in maintaining the company's reputation and image, especially in the digital age.

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