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Harita Nickel Olympics 2023: Uniting diversity through corporate competition

18 October 2023

Insan Harita has a big event from September to October 2023. For the first time, we are holding an Olympics that is participated in by all business units at the Obi Site. This activity is organized to foster unity among business units through fair competition.

Carrying the theme "One Harita, One Story," the Harita Nickel Olympics 2023 serves as a platform to celebrate diversity, talent, and the spirit of struggle of each individual. The Walik Benjol bird, the Olympics' mascot, symbolizes Insan Harita's concern for preserving the surrounding environment, including the endemic fauna of Obi Island.

In essence, the message conveyed by this Olympics is that Insan Harita, spread across various departments in each business unit, is a unified force in realizing the company's mission of responsibly and sustainably carrying out the downstreaming mandate.

The Harita Nickel Olympics 2023 officially commenced on September 2 at the indoor badminton court, within the Living Quarter area of PT Halmahera Persada Lygend (HPL). The event will conclude on October 28 at the football field, within the office/yard area of PT Trimegah Bangun Persada (TBP) Nirwana. Currently, competitions are underway and will continue until October 24.

The competitions are divided into two categories, namely sports and arts. The sports category includes futsal, basketball, badminton, table tennis, volleyball, chess, and e-sports. Meanwhile, the arts category includes singing, photography, and videography competitions.

Most of these competitions were previously held in each business unit during the commemoration of Indonesia's 78th Independence Day in July-August 2023. For this Olympics, each business unit has sent their best delegations, three representatives for the sports category and four for the arts. They will compete for the overall champion title, determined by the accumulation of points from all branches of the competition.

What Insan Harita's said:

Fardiman Jamhal, the captain of Team Ewako from PT Halmahera Jaya Feronikel (HJF), who emerged as the champion of the Mobile Legends e-sports competition, said the Olympics had many positive effects on the employees. Fardiman and his four team members admitted to finding entertainment and making new friends.

"This event is exceptional. Very positive and fun. Through this event, we have made new acquaintances from other business units," said Fardiman.

The BPJS-TK team from PT Megah Surya Pertiwi (MSP) echoed similar sentiments. The runners-up in the e-sports competition expressed their excitement at being able to participate in the Olympics. According to them, this activity has become a platform for fostering camaraderie among fellow e-sports enthusiasts at Harita Nickel.

"We hope to hold this again in the future. So that everyone knows that Harita is big and we are one," replied the five members of the BPJS-TK team in unison.

The competitions were held at night, amidst the routine work of the Insan Harita. For those working in shifts, the schedule was adjusted according to the working hours of their respective departments. Thanks to this good cooperation and solidarity, everyone was motivated to make this first Olympic Games a success, whether as players, spectators or organizers.

The captain of the HJF Jaya basketball team, Risal S. Awal, admitted that they did not prepare specifically. His team relied on collective practice, which they often did during their off-weeks or other opportunities. Risal and the team usually played basketball using the facilities provided by the company, as did other enthusiasts of various sports.

In addition to Mobile Legends and basketball, chess and futsal were also played. Currently, HJF leads the leaderboard with 19 points, followed by TBP and MSP with 6 points, and HPL at the bottom with 5 points. The positions could change as there are still many matches to be played.

The Olympic event became even more lively with the enthusiasm of the fans. This was revealed by Christoforus Nanda, the coordinator of the basketball competition held at HJF. It was mentioned that almost every game was always packed with spectators.

"Here we maintain sportsmanship and solidarity. This event is very positive as a platform for fostering relationships among employees from each BU. We introduce each BU to the other BUs with the slogan 'One Harita, One Story'," said Christo.

Agus Setiawan, the coordinator of the Mobile Legends competition held at the courtyard of the Activity Center within HPL's Living Quarter complex, echoed similar sentiments. Although not a physical sport, e-sports also attracted a crowd of spectators. They watched the battle between the two teams on the big screen.

The pride of being part of the Harita Nickel Olympics 2023 was expressed by Susanty Feronica Zees of MSP and Muhammad Risal of TBP. On the opening night of the Olympics, Santi and her band from MSP performed to entertain the crowd. Meanwhile, Risal, along with employee representatives from TBP, also helped liven up the opening event.

"We are grateful and proud to perform in front of friends from other BUs. The trust given to us has made us more enthusiastic about making music as a hobby in between work activities. In addition, the support from the company is significant," said Santi.

The vibrancy of the Olympics also became a hot topic on social media. Since the Olympics began, many Insan Harita seem to have shared photos and videos on platforms such as Instagram and TikTok. Netizens praised the company for making it easier for employees to socialize and pursue hobbies amid their work routines.

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