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From Obi for Indonesia, Harita Nickel Draws Global Attention

18 July 2023

We should be proud that Indonesian integrated downstream operated by PT Trimegah Bangun Persada, also known as Harita Nickel, has drawn attention from the world's mining industry players. They are curious about the massive development of nickel downstream in Indonesia. And Harita Nickel is the first company in Indonesia that has successfully processed low-grade nickel into electric vehicle battery materials.

This was revealed at the 26th World Mining Congress (WMC) held in Brisbane City, Australia on June 26-29, 2023. This 2-3 annual event, which has been organized for more than 60 years, was attended by mining experts and corporations from various countries. This year's congress theme is Resourcing Tomorrow, Creating Value for Society.

Presentasi tonny gultom

Tonny Gultom present his research entitiled High-pressure Acid Leach Nickel Refinery Project in Obi Island Indonesia- a Contirbution to Reduce Global Emission at concurent session WMC discussing about Development in smelting, refining and recycling.

Harita Nickel's presence in the forum as part of delegation of the Indonesian Mining Experts Association (Perhapi) to introduce Indonesian mining to international world.

HSE Director of Harita Nickel, Tonny H Gultom, as one of the speakers in a panel discussion session explained his research on Mixed Hydroxide Presipitate (MHP) products that have been produced by Harita Nickel which can contribute to reducing greenhouse gas emissions from the transportation sector.

According to Tonny, the most common questions asked by congress participants were related to developments in the nickel downstream industry and utilization of other minerals contained in nickel including its development plan.

"So many of them were curious about the rapid development of nickel downstream industry in Indonesia, and especially for Harita Nickel because it has successfully produced nickel derivative products up to Nickel Sulfate and the next Cobalt Sulfate," Tonny said.

From the presentation and discussion room, switch to the Exhibition Hall. There were dozens of booths from various delegations. One of them was Perhapi, where Harita Nickel joined in. Apparently this booth was no less exciting. Again, the downstreaming of nickel became the most asked topic by visitors.

Delegasi indonesia

Together with other Indonesian delegates who joined the Perhapi delegation at the World Mining Conference (WMC) in the city of Brisbane Australia which took place from June 26-29, 2023.

Tonny explained how the company, which initially only mined nickel, has now succeeded in building an integrated downstream. Where all operations from upstream to downstream are in one area, namely the Obi Industrial Estate. According to him, the concept of vertically integrated mining has many advantages.

Furthermore, the member of Perhapi's expert council said that integrated concepts also provide easy access to export processes. With this facility, products to be exported can be done directly through special terminal access that has obtained government permission.

"Because the mining site and the downstream industry of PT TBP Tbk has a special terminal which of course has received permission from the Government, the Customs and Excise officers at the location can do a direct calculation of the export value and tax calculation," Tonny added.

PT TBP Tbk's integrated mining also allows savings from the financing aspect, namely hauling and freighting costs. You can imagine, refineries or smelters that do not have ore supply around the factory, they have to bear the high cost of the transportation process which is quite large.

"With this integrated concept, in addition to providing certainty of nickel ore supply, it is also able to save transportation costs and minimize the carbon footprint left behind," said Tonny, that the integrated concept also contributes to reducing environmental impacts.

In the international congress, there were also a number of discussions on mining derivative products, especially nickel, in a sustainable supply chain value. 

That's a little interesting story from Brisbane, being part of Harita Nickel's journey to build Indonesia from Obi Island.[]

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