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Extra Miles Day: Introducing the Operations of Harita Nickel from Upstream to Downstream

26 June 2023

"Tak kenal maka tak sayang" this Indonesian proverb underlies the Extra Miles Day: Going The Distance for Sustainability. The activity, led by the Internal Communication team in the Corporate Communication department in collaboration with HR and GA in each business unit of Harita Nickel, is intended to provide a closer introduction to the Insan Harita (Harita's People) about the entire operational process of the company they work for.

The rapid development of the company with its expanding production lines downstream poses both opportunities and challenges. One of them is how to unite the spirits of employees, who currently number nearly 14,000 and are spread across several business units operating in Site Obi, into one cohesive unit of Harita Nickel.

To address this challenge, Extra Miles Day (EMD) is organized. The activity is held on the employees' day off to avoid disrupting the company's operational activities. On the other hand, participating in this activity on their day off requires effort and sacrifice. But it is all worthwhile for the experience gained.

Currently, the EMD activity has been carried out up to the second batch, which took place on June 25, 2023. The second batch was attended by 18 selected participants. When combined with Batch 1, the total number of EMD alumni currently amounts to 30 individuals.

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What excitement and experiences did the participants gain?

Meida Fikiyawati admitted to gaining new knowledge after participating in the EMD activity. As an employee of PT Trimegah Bangun Persada (TBP) who is involved in daily Grade Control mining activities, she became aware of the process of nickel processing, from the nickel mined by TBP to the production of the final ferronickel product at PT Halmahera Jaya Ferronikel (HJF). She also learned about the operations of the HPAL plant operated by PT Halmahera Persada Lygend (HPL), which now produces Nickel Sulfate downstream and will soon be followed by Cobalt Sulfate. These two products are essential elements in the production of electric vehicle batteries.

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Muhammad Taufik, an employee of PT HPL who works in the Plant department, had a different experience. From this activity, he gained insights into the company's efforts to restore mined land through reclamation activities, aiming to bring back greenery. Additionally, he learned about the conservation of endemic wildlife on Obi Island to prevent their extinction.

Fajri Muliawan, a Laboratory Staff at Harita Clinic, mentioned that he is happy being able to witness firsthand the new settlement in Kawasi Village that the company had prepared to support the government's program. According to him, the new settlement is more organized and suitable for living.

"What's even more important is that through this activity, we can get to know friends from other business units. It's fun and we have more friends. It's definitely worth participating in on our day off," he emphasized.

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Yes, both Batch 1 and Batch 2 participants of EMD had the opportunity to visit Harita Nickel's operational areas from upstream to downstream. They learned about mining activities, post-mining reclamation, nickel processing and refining in the plants, as well as waste management. Moreover, they also had the chance to witness the Community Development and Empowerment (CDE) programs conducted by the company for the surrounding communities.

Furthermore, the highlight of this year's EMD event will be the Harita Next Gen Summit. Here, all EMD alumni will have the opportunity to meet and engage in discussions with the company's board of directors.

Exciting, isn't it? Don't miss the next EMD event, Batch 3!

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