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Sharing Ramadan Blessings, Harita Nickel Distributes 5.410 Parcels and Provides Aid to Orphans

09 April 2024

Harita Nickel reaffirmed its commitment to the community on Obi Island through the recent Safari Ramadan program. This year, the 1445 H Safari Ramadan covered 16 villages from 3 districts, including Obi District, South Obi, and East Obi.

Harita Nickel provided 4.930 parcels of Eid al-Fitr groceries to vulnerable groups such as the underprivileged, widows/widowers, and the elderly. They also supported 480 orphans, expanding their reach compared to previous years.

Last year, Safari Ramadan was conducted in 13 villages from 3 districts on Obi Island. This is a concrete implementation of the company’s commitment to social responsibility, with the aim of creating positive impacts for the local communities around its operational areas.

Safari ramadan 1

Harita Nickel provided assistance and Eid parcels to the local communities within its operational area, spanning three districts on Obi Island.

The beneficiaries, including Buton Village, have given positive feedback on the activity, appreciating the company's attention to the local community. Amir La Siti, the Head of Buton Village, expressed gratitude for the company's assistance, stating that it greatly benefits those in need.

"We aspire for the collaboration between the company, the village government, and the community to flourish. This ongoing partnership ensures that the company's presence continues to benefit the welfare of the community," he concluded.

Separately, Latif Supriadi, Head of External Affairs of Harita Nickel, explained that Safari Ramadan is a company initiative to build stronger connections with the local community while sharing blessings during the holy month of Ramadan. This program aims to improve the company's relationship and solidarity with the community, a bond they've upheld over time.

“This is our ongoing commitment to work with the community, religious leaders, and other stakeholders to contribute to the region and national development,” he emphasized.

The Safari Ramadan 2024 distribution ran from March 19 to April 8. Harita Nickel not only provided aid but also invited village representatives to break fast together. In Obi District, distribution was centralized in Baru Village on April 2, 2024, while in South Obi and East Obi Districts, the distribution was conducted earlier.

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