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Harita Nickel Invites Specialist Doctors to Kawasi for Free Medical Treatment

06 March 2023

Harita Nickel continues to provide free medical check-ups and treatment to local residents in villages surrounding its mine. This event was held in Kawasi Village, located at SD Negeri 217 South Halmahera on Sunday (5/3/2023), presenting several medical specialists.

Harita Nickel's Community Development Superintendent, Panji Setyadi, said that the free medical check-up and treatment services are part of the Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) program in healthcare which has been routinely carried out by the company in several villages around the mine.

According to him, this activity aims to improve the quality of residents' health and provide easier access for the community to a specialist doctor.

"In Kawasi itself, there is only a Village Maternity Clinic (Polindes) with a general practitioner. So in this activity, we brought in several specialists including pediatricians and internal medicine specialists to conduct examinations and treatment for residents who have medical problems," said Panji.

In addition, Panji hoped that this event could raise awareness of the importance of maintaining health, especially for children and the elderly who are at risk of suffering from internal diseases.

He also revealed that in this event, Harita Nickel collaborated with the Health Office, Puskesmas, and Obi Regional Hospital, as well as Labuha Hospital. It is expected to create a harmonious synergy in providing health services to the community through partnerships with relevant stakeholders.

Meanwhile, Dr. Azhar K Hernus sp.A, a pediatrician invited by Harita Nickel exclusively in Kawasi Village explained, the majority of pediatric patients who came were found with respiratory problems and diarrhea.

"If we look at the pattern of diseases in Halmahera, the majority of children we find with respiratory infections. Not even a few children suffer from Tuberculosis (TB) which is most likely triggered by transmission from their parents or neighbors," he explained.

Dr. Azhar also explained other than respiratory infections, diarrhea is the next health problem that is often suffered by children. This is often triggered by unhealthy lifestyles, such as poor sanitation.

On the other hand, internal medicine specialist, Dr. Raditia Reza Ramadoni, Sp.PD explained that most Kawasi residents over 40 years old suffer from diabetes, high blood pressure, and cholesterol problems. According to him, this is triggered by the habit of consuming unhealthy food and drinks. Such as excessive sugary drinks and oily food.

The free medical check-up and treatment service that has become a routine program of Harita Nickel received a warm welcome from the local community.

The Chairman of the Village Consultative Body (BPD) of Kawasi Village, Reinhar Siar, expressed his support for the company's initiative. He hopes that such programs can be maintained to ensure that the community has access to quality health services on an ongoing basis.

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