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Harita Nickel Lifts the Spirit of a Kawasi Coast Guard Mother

10 March 2023

Harita Nickel's compassionate care for local communities around its mine has lifted the spirits of local residents. Among them is a woman in Kawasi Village who serves as a beach cleaner as well as being the backbone of her family.

LIS KOTEN (40 years old) was picking up trash along the beach when Harita Nickel's Community Relations team visited her house in RT 2 Kawasi Village, Obi Subdistrict, South Halmahera. She ran hurriedly from the beach behind her house to welcome the guests who came that afternoon, on Saturday, April 3, 2023.

Rita, a company representative who came along with the head of BPD and RT of Kawasi village, immediately greeted the host. Once she had conveyed the purpose of her visit, Rita handed over a sack containing 25 kilograms of rice.

"Thank you; I owe a lot of gratitude to Harita," Lis said repeatedly, his eyes glazing over.

In the narrow wooden house, Lis lives with her four children. The youngest child is 6 years old. Her husband, meanwhile, has been sick and bedridden for the past few years.

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"Thank you, the company, for giving me a job and rice," she said, wiping the sweat from her exhausted face.

Indeed, since her husband could no longer work due to illness, Lis has become the backbone of her family. Lis is thankful that the company gave her a job as a cleaning worker around Kawasi Beach, together with other local women.

"I pray for Harita to keep growing and progressing so that it can further help the people here," she said sincerely, before the company's team departed to distribute aid to other residents.

THE MOTHER of the Kawasi beach clean worker as well as the guardian of her family's economy was one of 70 residents who were beneficiaries of the Harita Peduli program held in Kawasi Village.

A number of personnel from Harita Nickel's Community Relations team, accompanied by local village government officials, visited one by one the homes of residents who had been identified to hand over the donation.

Andri Rudiarto, Community Relation Superintendent Harita Nickel explained that Harita Peduli is part of the Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) program carried out routinely by the company in a number of villages around the mine.

He said Harita Nickel's CSR program covers various fields. From economic, health, and education to sociocultural sectors. In this recent Harita Peduli activity, he explained, the company targeted underprivileged and elderly residents.

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"In this activity, the target is underprivileged residents and elderly people. The rice distributed is purchased by the company from the local residents," explained Andri.

Furthermore, in addition to distributing rice aid, Harita Nickel also held several social services in Kawasi Village in the first week of March 2023. Among them are a cheap grocery bazaar and free medical treatment.

Happily, the various programs implemented by Harita Nickel received appreciation from the Kawasi Village government.

Accompanied by the head of the local RT, Kawasi Village BPD Chairman Reinhar Siar said the company's programs and assistance have been beneficial to the people in his village.

"We are very grateful to Harita Group for caring about the community. Hopefully, Harita will keep growing and work together with the village government to improve people's welfare in Kawasi Village," he said.

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