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Encourage MSMEs to Level Up: Harita Nickel Hosts Entrepreneurship Training

23 October 2023

Harita Nickel conducted entrepreneurship training for its sponsored business groups on Obi Island. This activity is conducted to enhance the competitiveness of Micro, Small, and Medium Enterprises (MSMEs) for the realization of the economic independence of local communities.

A total of 33 participants, who are representatives of various groups sponsored by Harita Nickel, attended the two-day training on October 20-21, 2023. Participants learned about culinary business management, product packaging, and marketing strategies. They also received direct guidance from relevant agencies regarding licensing and business capital.

Evand Roos, Operations Director of Harita Nickel Younsel, said that entrepreneurship training for MSMEs is part of the Community Development and Empowerment (PPM) program. He hopes that the businesses run by the supported group will continue to grow and have a greater impact on the surrounding community.

"The key to successful entrepreneurship is to have a strong will, an indomitable spirit, and to keep innovating. Our role as mentors is to ensure that these supported MSMEs are on the right track," he said.

Broto Suwarso, Community Development Manager of Harita Nickel, explained that there are as many as seven sponsored groups in the developing category. This sponsored group consists of three business lines, namely food processing, agriculture, and fishery MSMEs. 

He explained that the sponsored MSMEs have cooperated with four business units of Harita Nickel by becoming suppliers for employee canteens, providing mini-market and cafe services. The total monthly turnover has reached Rp 8 billion! 

Broto also highlighted a number of challenges faced by MSME players. These include how to maintain production quality and continuity, how to provide fair access to capital, and how to break the chain of middlemen. As a result, the company continues to provide support and build the business management capacity of the MSMEs it supports. 

Last month, Harita Nickel, through the Community Development team, conducted a mini-workshop on Pre Technical Guidance (Bimtek) and Household Industry Products (PIRT) at one of the UMKM production houses supported by Harita Nickel in Kawasi village. A speaker from the Health Office conveyed the efforts that need to be made to maintain the quality and safety of MSME products.

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